PhoneSuite Voiceware Phone System

PhoneSuite Voiceware Phone System (IP-PBX)

Phonesuite Hotel Communication On Promise & Cloud Managed

For the voice communication requirements of today’s hotel industry, Voiceware by PhoneSuite is a VoIP telephone system (IP-PBX) with integrated analog phone and analog trunk/PRI compatibility. PhoneSuite may continuously expand and improve the feature set of your hotel PBX thanks to the server-based core without having to invest in costly and disruptive equipment updates. A U.S.-based firm that has been offering hotel voice communication solutions for over 30 years and whose only goal is to develop affordable yet feature-rich hotel phone systems designed and constructed Voiceware.

A single Voiceware server with a fantastic solution that supports two serial PMS interfaces, PRI, and SIP trunks.


Ā The greatest phone system technology for now and tomorrow, with strong, contemporary administration features, cutting-edge guest tools, and engagement capabilities, and a new and more effective approach to front desk interactions, with new features introduced quarterly.


  • Voiceware can manage hotels of any scale with the same set of capabilities. Neither a large nor a little property exists. Your phone system may be uniform throughout all of your properties as of right now.


  • Hardware will immediately enter TDM failsafe mode in the event of a server, LAN, or internet failure. All calls, including 911 calls from analog stations to analog trunks, will be accepted to and from analog ports. The hardware will notice when the server or network issue has been addressed and switch back to Voiceware-driven mode.

Best Benefits and Special Features


  • Premises-based (cabinet on-site, wholly owned by the business) and cloud-hosted options (using a remote server)
  • A range of voice line technologies, such as SIP trunking and older PRI lines, are compatible with the infrastructure.
  • Capability to use fully functional SIP phones, including softphones, from a range of vendors.
  • Numerous find me/follow me features
  • The infrastructure complies with the updated specifications for 911 dialing calls, Kari’s Law, and Ray Baum’s Act; this includes

To satisfy legal needs to identify a specific room and not just the main door, limitless DIDs Direct Inward Dial numbers property address

  • Forwarding voicemail to email
  • Conference room functionality
  • The capacity to manage several calls at once
  • Unlimited ring groups, role-based queues, and call/staff groupings
  • Automatic or on-demand recording of staff calls


  • A modern browser-based console provides the greater capability and a user-friendly interface.Ā 
  • Quickly locate visitors or workers using their names, then call or transfer with a single click.
  • A guest information screen that appears whenever you answer a call from a visitor. It takes practically no time at all to set up wake-up calls.
  • Every wake-up action is recorded. Check who made took, or canceled a wake-up call.
  • Presents significant visitor data, such as:
  • Ā Name
  • Ā First language
  • Ā VIP standing
  • Ā Group membership
  • Ā Permissions for outgoing calls
  • Ā Free wake-up calls for life, plus more
  • Enhances interactions with guests.


  • The guest’s native language is used for voicemail announcements and wake-up calls.
  • Unlimited wake-up calls, available on a daily, weekend-only, or weekday-only basis.
  • The wake-up call may contain a weather forecast, a snooze button, or a transfer to room service.
  • As broad a speech tree system for visitor information as you can conceive.
  • Option to leave via the room phone (requires PMS with remote check-out interface enabled).
  • Compatible with both SIP and analog speed dial buttons on hotel guest phones.

The travel industry as a whole isnā€™t going anywhere, and no matter what the future of hospitality looks like, Phonesuite will be there to help you through it. Weā€™ve been installing the latest in high-tech VoIP systems in hotels across the world for more than 30 years, and we can build the perfect phone system for whatever your hotel needs may be.Ā 

Talk to Phonesuite today and weā€™ll explain your options, discuss you through with the installation process, and give you a detailed quote for the kinds of services and benefits you can expect.