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How will 5G improve VoIP?

VoIP and Internet of Things (IoT)

VoIP and Internet of Things

The Benefits of an IP PBX System 

The Benefits of an IP PBX System

How a Better Phone System Can Improve Your Guest Experience

It seems like just yesterday we were all using rotary phones that were either attached to the wall or sat […]
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The Importance of Scalability in Hotel Phone Systems

If your hotel is still running on an analog phone system, with phones plugged directly into the public switched telephone […]
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The Road to Recovery: How the Hospitality Industry Can Bounce Back

The last 18 months have been one of the worst downturns that the hospitality industry has ever experienced, with travel […]
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SIP vs. Traditional Analog Trunking

When most businesses start thinking about upgrading their phone systems, their primary concern is the system’s ability to meet the […]
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The Importance of Frequent Software Updates for Your Phone System

VoIP phone systems are commonplace in most business settings these days, offering lower cost, more convenience, and helpful guest features […]
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A History of Hotel Phone Systems

Hotels have to evolve to meet their guests’ needs, and that means keeping up with technology. Here’s a quick look at where we’ve been and where we’re headed.
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The “Suite” Spot — How Phonesuite Offers the Best of Large and Small VoIP Providers

When you’re shopping for a VoIP provider for your hotel, you’ll find a wide variety of options — from enormous […]
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