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How Voiceware New Functionalities Will Improve Your Hotel

The hotel industry is always changing. As a hotelier, you may be at the forefront of new technology that enhances the guest experience and improves efficiency (and we know a thing or two about that), but things don’t stay static for long. That’s why it’s so essential that products and services that are designed for the industry are able to keep up with the changes without causing hiccups along the way.

Enter Phonesuite. We make it our mission to anticipate hoteliers’ needs, develop new tech, and ensure our products are completely future-proof. Our new-and-improved Voiceware functionalities are game changers. Here’s what’s new:

New Voiceware Functionalities

At the forefront of the advancements made by Phonesuite, we have our Voiceware software available to hotels of every shape and size. Just recently, we’ve made some upgrades to this already robust software, and we thought it would be a good idea to break down a few of the biggest changes, all of which were designed with ease and functionality in mind. Here is a taste of the new features you can expect:

  • No-Hassle Replacement of Vtech SNOM Brand Phones — If your hotel currently uses Vtech SNOM phones for its communications system, all Phonesuite needs is the new MAC address to complete the replacement. Then, simply plug in the phone and you’re all set.
  • Polycom Speed Dial Display Improvement — Park keys on your phone will now only display if a call has been “parked.” This will free up your screen so that it can fit in more speed dials at any given time.
  • Faster, More Accurate Installation — Phonesuite’s installation process is now even better than before. Back-end features have been added that assist with the system’s overall setup, enabling the installation to be done more quickly and accurately.
  • Rare Bug Fixes for Specific Situations — Like all systems, bugs can crop up from time to time, and Phonesuite is always working tirelessly to remedy them. For this upgrade, we fixed a few rare bugs that had appeared in very large installations or in some extreme cases.

Tried-and-True Features You Can Count On

The functionalities listed above fit in quite nicely with the tried-and-true Voiceware features that hoteliers have come to expect over the years. For instance, our software has always provided a customized experience for a hotel’s guests, enabling lobby personnel to quickly identify a guest’s specific and unique needs, and then act on those needs accordingly. This time around, we made changes to complement existing Voiceware features with those that make the user experience that much easier, and the response has been phenomenal.

Never Satisfied with the Status Quo

Phonesuite will never be satisfied with maintaining the status quo because our techs realize the importance of staying one step ahead whenever possible. As the years go by, we will continue to improve not only our Voiceware software functionalities but also the specifics of our servicing options, which cover everything from installation to our incredible Hosted Solution. If there’s one thing hoteliers can count on, it’s that our software and services will continue to advance right along with the industry.

Regardless of the size of your hotel or what your specific needs for your facility are, Phonesuite can help streamline and improve your communications system through the use of VoIP, Voiceware, Hosted Solution, and much more. Reach out to our experts today and we’ll get you started on the road to success.

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