What You Can Expect During a Hotel Phone System Install with Phonesuite

What You Can Expect During a Hotel Phone System Install with Phonesuite

VoIP phone systems have been in common use for decades, but many hoteliers and hotel managers aren’t sold on the benefits. They might be worried about the cost of upgrading, skeptical that it will make much of a difference in their daily operations, or concerned that the reliability of the system won’t live up to their expectations.

But in the last 20 years or so, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone systems have become the only choice for hotels all over the world, cutting costs and adding features that make staff more efficient and keep costs down. Here’s why.

How does a hotel phone system work?

A hotel phone system can be as simple or complex as the hotel desires. At its most basic level, a hotel phone system consists of phones placed in each of the guest rooms and connected to an outside line. This allows guests to make and receive calls from their rooms without having to go through any other process.

How do you call a hotel front desk?

To call a hotel front desk, first, dial the hotel’s main phone number. Typically, someone will answer and ask how they can help you. You can then state that you need to speak with the front desk or receptionist. The operator will then connect you to the appropriate department.

What is involved in installing a hotel phone?

Installing a hotel phone system requires a few steps. First, the hotel will order phones from Phonesuite that will be installed in each guest room. Next, an installer will come to the hotel and connect the phones to an existing telephone line or create new lines as necessary. Finally, any applicable software is added to complete the installation

Superior Call Quality

When you place a call on a traditional analog system, you’re rolling the dice with call quality. Any fault in the system, from shoddy materials to a low-quality handset at either end to increased electrical interference, can make call quality drop. Long-distance calls are especially vulnerable since the signal has to travel so much farther over physical copper cables.

The Phonesuite Guarantee

We give you our assurance of the quality of our product with a promise to resolve any issues you have with our hardware or software in a timely, respectful, and comprehensive manner.

You have the power to choose a true Cloud PBX or On-Premise solution, and our vision is to give you more freedom to purchase your next hotel communications platform than any other provider.

Phonesuite is the proven choice for modern, open-architected integrated hotel communications with over 6,500 systems installed. We have a proven track record and we are committed to continuing to change the way the hospitality industry approaches guest communications.

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