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VoIP Solutions for the Hotel Industry

Hotels have so many technological advances available to them these days that it’s safe to say at this point that we are now living in the future that has been prophesied by technology experts all around the world for years and, in some cases, decades. The best part, though, is that we’ve barely scratched the surface of what is available and we’ll definitely be seeing more advancements in the near future.

Phonesuite has demonstrated in recent years that our experts are always on the forefront of technology. This has been proven by our dedication to Voice over Internet Protocol as the best choice for hotel phone system communications options. What we’ve done to promote this technology to the hotel industry is tailor our VoIP services so that hoteliers can take full advantage of it. Let’s take a look at the VoIP solutions that we currently offer.

Ease of Scalability

One of the best features of any type of hotel phone system is its ability to scale as the needs of your hotel changes. With traditional phone systems, scaling the size of the system because your hotel has grown or plans to grow basically means rebuilding it from the ground up. With VoIP, no matter how big your hotel gets, it can be accommodated with hardly any effort at all.

Guest Info at Your Fingertips

The easier your staff can gain access to guest info, the more efficiently and effectively they’ll be able to handle their requests and satisfy their needs. The Voiceware software developed by Phonesuite provides a browser-based interface where information about any guest can be obtained quickly and easily. Plus, tasks that used to require that an employee be tethered to his or her desk can now be done through a mobile device such as a tablet, thereby increasing the efficiency even more.

Easy Check-Out

These days, guests aren’t really big on coming to the front counter in order to check out of the hotel at the end of their stay. They would much rather pack their bags, load up their vehicle, and be on their merry way without the need to take a detour into the front lobby. Thanks to VoIP and Voiceware technology, guests can check out from the convenience of their room just before they leave.

Unlimited Voice Tree System

When a potential or existing guest calls the hotel for assistance, they are very often looking for information or requesting a simple task. With today’s VoIP solutions, not only can you create an unlimited number of options on your hotel’s voice tree, but those options can be customized to practically any functionality you desire. This allows you to free up your staff while servicing your guests more effectively.

Enhanced Wake-up Calls

You’d think that with everyone having an alarm on their phone, that wake-up calls would be a thing of the past. But, that is proven to absolutely not be true as guests still often find wake-up calls to be an effective way to get started in the morning. And now, these wake-up calls can be customized to include a snooze option, the local weather forecast, or even an automatic transfer to room services just in case they want to order breakfast right away or make a similar request.

All In-House

No matter how great your hotel phone system’s functionalities are, dealing with multiple companies can become an issue. Therefore, perhaps the greatest VoIP solution of all is the fact that Phonesuite handles everything in-house. We don’t deal with any third-party vendors whether you opt for our Hosted Solution or any technology options, so you always know that the buck stops with us.

VoIP solutions aimed at the hospitality industry can help take your hotel to the next level. You can learn more by reaching out to the experts at Phonesuite, who will discuss your installation options and help you achieve the next level of technology.