The 10 Best Business Phone Systems Features for Midsize Companies

The 10 Best Business Phone Systems Features for Midsize Companies

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If you’re a business owner with a midsize company, it’s important to have the right phone system in place. Not only does this help with communication internally, but it also helps with client communication. There are many features to look for when purchasing a business phone system, and we’ve outlined the 10 best ones in this blog post. Keep reading to learn more!

Features To Look:

VoIP services are a game-changer for businesses that have been struggling to keep up with the modern demands of their customers. VoIP eliminates costly traditional systems and allows employees from anywhere in your office or even out world connect, helping you cut down on hardware costs while maintaining quality service delivery at all times!

Call Routing and Forwarding

This allows you to direct calls to the right people, making sure they get answered quickly and efficiently. Features such as call forwarding and routing can help you ensure that your customers are getting the best service possible. With call routing, you can direct incoming voice calls to a specific line or voicemail based on predetermined rules. You set these depending upon the time of day and location as well as what department they need help with!

HD Calling (VoIP)

HD Calling is the new standard for business phone systems. With HD calling, you can have crystal clear calls no matter where you are in the world. This helps reduce confusion and ensures that all conversations are productive. With VoIP technology, business phone systems have been revolutionized. The internet is used to transmit voice over a broadband connection and needless to say – call quality should always be on point for important conversations taking place via this mode of communication in order not only to make sure you’re heard but also to maintain good customer relationships with clients who rely heavily upon phone calls as part their workflow

The emergence of VoIP webcams changed how we communicate now; it allowed us access even when offline or without an active data plan (such has happened because people switch more often than ever before). This means that companies must ensure stable connections which provide crystal-clear conversational experiences.


Having the ability to access your business phone system on any device, anytime, helps keep operations running smoothly. Features such as cloud-based solutions allow you to stay connected no matter where you are and provide added flexibility for your employees.

Calling Analytics

Analyzing your customer’s calls can provide a wealth of data to help you understand their needs and preferences better. Features like call recording, call analytics, and reporting allow you to monitor who’s calling when they are calling, and how long each call lasts. This information allows you to make informed decisions about staffing levels or even customer service policies.

The use of artificial intelligence in business phone systems and call analytics can provide critical insights for various teams within an organization. For example, tracking trends with AI-powered services like this one is helpful when it comes to coaching employees or examining how they’re performing on the job; while analyzing data points such as time spent talking about certain topics allows managers to make better decisions regarding future company plans

Multi-Party Conferencing

The number of participants on a multi-person conference call is limited by traditional phone systems to three. However, with cloud or VoIP phones there can be many more extensions connected for those who work remotely and need easy access across different locations instead! Having the ability to host multi-party conference calls is invaluable for any midsize business.  

Virtual Receptionist

Having automated receptionists can help you streamline the customer support process by allowing customers to quickly get in touch with the right department. Features such as interactive voice response (IVR) allow you to create an automated customer service system that’s easy to use. The PhoneSuite virtual receptionist allows you to record and play personalized greetings by department so callers know that they’ve reached the right person.

Call Recording

Call recording enables you to record conversations for later review, which can be handy if you ever need to go back and double-check an important decision or fact. The ability to record a phone call is an extremely useful feature for business owners, whether it be from your perspective or someone else’s. There are many things that can happen during these conversations and having the entire discussion recorded serves as official documentation of significant discussions which may otherwise get forgotten by either party involved in them entirely!

International & Local Availability

Having the ability to make and receive calls in more than one country can be a huge asset for any midsize business. Features such as international roaming, virtual numbers, and local access numbers allow you to stay connected with clients located around the world while keeping costs low. Businesses around the world are increasingly doing business with customers who live, work or operate in different regions.

A phone system that enables you to have local and international numbers can help your brand stand out from other businesses that only communicate locally—and it will establish credibility when operating internationally too! Some providers like PhoneSuite offer low rates for conversations spanning across borders so international calls won’t break your bank account any more than necessary.

Call Blocking & Spam Protection

Having the ability to control incoming calls helps protect against unwanted telemarketers or spam calls. Features such as call blocking and spam filtering can help keep the phone lines clear and your staff focused on what’s important. When you need advanced features to block calls and stop robocalls, look no further than the options available on your business phone. With these tools at hand, it is possible for businesses of all sizes – big or small-to stay productive without distractions caused by pesky marketing campaigns trying their luck with unsolicited telephone sales calls!

Business App Integrations

Integrations with third-party business applications can make a big difference when it comes to communication speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Features such as CRM integrations allow you to stay connected with clients and manage sales from any device, anywhere. Your business phone system should be able to help streamline your workflow, and one of the best ways it can do so is by integrating well with other applications you use often.

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