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Hotel Tech Offerings That Appeal to The Modern Guest

In today’s technology-obsessed world, guests have come to expect quick service, readily available information, and seamless check-in processes. Phonesuite Voiceware Hotel Tech Offerings have grown significantly in recent years as guest expectations have shifted to accommodate modern digital convenience. One of the leading products in this  Phonesuite Voiceware, which offers a comprehensive suite of voice-enabled services tailored to meet the needs of today’s travelers. With Phonesuite Voiceware, guests are able to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, check the weather and forecast, access their calendars and reminders, view travel guidance information such as flights and traffic alerts, control their in-room entertainment systems, and much more. Additionally, this suite of services integrates seamlessly with other hotel technologies including property management systems (PMS) to streamline operations for both guests

Exactly what types of tech offerings should your hotel utilize in order to appeal to the modern guest? You’re probably already aware by now of the amazing benefits of Phonesuite’s VoIP offerings, along with our advanced Voiceware software and Hosted Solution. We’re proud to bring business- and guest-experience-enhancing communications technology to hotels everywhere. And like anyone else in our industry, we’re always keeping an eye on what’s next, even if it’s not something we directly offer. Today, we’d like to focus on a few up-and-coming hotel technologies that may shape and enhance the guest experience in the coming decade. Step into the future with us and explore some of these exciting tech developments on the horizon!

Customized Experience

When you can customize a guest’s experience at your hotel, they’ll feel like they are truly special and you’ll be more likely to earn their business again. Phonesuite’s Voiceware software, for instance, puts a variety of a guest’s personal details at your staff’s fingertips. They’ll be able to not only identify a guest’s specific needs but also be able to make suggestions based on their profile. This is where technology and the “human touch” collide – and it’s spectacular.

Fingerprint Access

Due to the proliferation of hackers and the amount of personal data that is stored in the cloud and in networks, it’s imperative that hotels protect guests’ data. Fingerprint access can be utilized for any services within your hotel that require some kind of identification. In addition to providing better security, this also makes processes like check-in and check-out much easier and faster than before.

Improved Communications

“Communication is key” doesn’t just apply to personal relationships. It also applies to many types of businesses, including those in the hotel industry. If communication isn’t perfect, today’s modern guests will absolutely let you know – and they won’t be happy. Improving communications within your staff between both guests and other employees through solutions such as VoIP technology will go a long way to keeping guests content. Add in VoIP with its Find Me / Follow Me functionality and guests will remain content throughout their stay.

24/7 Live Chat

Gone are the days when customers only expected businesses to be available during daylight hours. Today’s modern guests expect to have their questions about your hotel answered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This is why many hotels are beginning to learn to incorporate a 24/7 live chat functionality that enables guests to be connected with someone familiar with the hotel at all times. No leaving messages. No callbacks. Just answer when the guest wants them.

Intelligent Menus

In the past, hotel guests were limited by whatever the hotel decided to put on their menu. But, due to an increasing desire to eat healthier items or have a variety of different choices, many hotels are implementing “intelligent” menus. This is basically a menu that uses a customer’s personal data and specific selections to design a menu that is more to their liking.

These technology offerings should give you a good idea of what’s on the horizon for hoteliers in their quest to appeal to the modern guest. Phone suite is an industry leader in delivering communications solutions for hotels of every type and size, so we can help with that part of the equation. Reach out to our experts today and we’ll take you to the next level of success.

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