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Your Hotel Needs a VoIP Phone System… and Here’s Why

mobile voipIt’s no secret that a hotel’s communications system is its life’s blood. Can you imagine if your business was handled through the use of morse code or cans on a string? Of course you can’t — and luckily, you don’t have to.

Communications have come a long way since phones were first invented, and now we have arrived at the era of VoIP. We can’t expect everyone to switch over right away, but the question you must ask yourself is very simple… does your hotel need a VoIP system? The answer to that question is a very emphatic yes, and here are four reasons why:

Reason #1: You Want to Save Money

It’s a very simple business concept — the less money going out of your hotel, the more it gets to keep as profit. This is the biggest driving force for most changes, regardless of the industry you’re in. With your communications system being so important to your hotel’s bottom line, the less you spend for that system and its upkeep the better. VoIP has already proven itself as a low-cost alternative in nearly every aspect. You may need to tweak your network here and there, but in most cases, VoIP will represent a substantial financial savings.

Reason #2: Your Employees Need to Be Mobile

Hotel employees do much more than simply answer the phone and take reservations. They field requests from guests that often requires them to leave their desk. But if there’s not a lot of staff on duty, or if it’s a small hotel with only one person at the front desk, the last thing you want is for your employee to miss a call while helping another guest away from his/her desk. VoIP allows your employees to stay mobile, free to move around without the fear of missing a call. You can opt for a set of VoIP-equipped headphones or a VoIP-equipped smart phone to allow them to stay connected at all times.

Reason #3: Staying Tied to the Desk is Hurting Productivity

This is related to the second reason listed above, but it deserves its own section. Since an employee may be afraid to leave the desk on the chance of missing a call and, therefore, a reservation, he or she is not being nearly as productive as they possibly could. This is especially true in small hotels or really late at night, when calls and guest requests are fewer, which means that the employee could be sitting around doing nothing, just in case the phone was to ring. Providing your employees with VoIP-equipped devices will allow them to conduct other tasks while staying connected at all times.

Reason #4: Worrying About Your Phone System is a Headache

As a hotel owner or manager, you certainly know how much of a headache running a hotel can be. There are hundreds of things you need to worry about at any given time, and your communications system is always a big worry. While having an on-site IT department or person can help alleviate the possibility of your communications system going down or not working the way it should, nothing beats a Hosted VoIP Solution. With this option, your VoIP provider will constantly monitor your system for any problems and fix them right away, in addition to making necessary tweaks to constantly improve quality. Basically, what you get is peace of mind.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not an upgrade to VoIP is something you should consider, the professionals at PhoneSuite can provide you with more information about how the technology works and the benefits your hotel can reap from making the switch. Contact us today and we’ll answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process.