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Why IP Phone Sales are Strong

VoIPThanks to improvements in communication technology, this is certainly an exciting time to be alive. You can now stay in touch with friends over long distances, connect to the internet on your phone, play online games with people in other countries, conduct business meetings from afar, and even relay into remotely to your air conditioning system at home while you’re miles away in your office.

In recent years, we’ve also been seeing an increase in the proliferation of Voice over Internet Protocol as a replacement for the standard phone system. Many hotels have already made the switch to this new and wonderful technology, which provides a great deal of flexibility in the way calls are coming in and going out of a hotel. So why is it that many places, including hotels, have been reporting that IP phones are still selling strong?
Here are three simple explanations as to why this is happening:
Reason #1: IP Phones Still Have Their Uses
Even though many consumers have turned their attention to mobile phones, often giving up the idea of a land line altogether, most businesses still have a need for a desk phone. The proof of this is that desk phones are still selling, so if no one was buying, then vendors would no longer be offering them in such great numbers. The use of a desk phone is especially apparent in a hotel, where employees are often behind the front desk. Of course, the mobility of VoIP is an important feature, so integration of both a desk phone and a mobile phone is essential if you want your hotel to run as smoothly as possible.
Reason #2:  IP Phones Provide a Great User Experience
As VoIP communication quality has improved, so has the technology inside even the most standard IP phones. Desk phones are extremely easy to use, with a very small learning curve, if any at all. This means that even new employees will be able to catch on very quickly, which can prevent any hiccups in your hotel’s service level. The real beauty of an IP phone, though, stems from the fact that many everyday tasks require only a simple phone call to be completed. This means that IP phones are still a very valuable and easily accessible tool. In all likelihood, this is one reason why they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.
Reason #3: IP Phones Keep Employees at Their Desk
Yes, we know — in the past, we’ve gone on and on about how great it is that VoIP allows your employees to be untethered from their desk so that they can multitask while continuing to provide a great customer experience. However, there are certain employees who work more effectively when focused in one primary location. What sometimes happens is that even the best employees at your hotel may view their mobile phone as their primary mode of communication, which can make them take for granted the fact that the front desk is where they should be whenever possible. This is especially useful during extremely busy times of the year when you may want to lock down some of your employees to the front desk while others conduct tasks where they need to move around more freely.
Once you make the switch to VoIP for your hotel, it’s your decision as to whether you want to continue using an IP phone or switch to another option. If you’re ready to make the switch or want to discuss your options, contact the professionals at PhoneSuite. We’ll get your system upgraded to VoIP and put you on your way to the best communications system you’ve ever experienced.