CASE STUDY: SIP vs. Analog Guest Room Phones

Hotel Phone System Case StudyAfter examining actual cost, this 96-room new-build Holiday Inn Express wired for SIP throughout the hotel, selected a Voiceware-driven SIP-analog hybrid solution – saving over 19% and providing the same high level of features and services.

Hotels are increasingly moving away from traditional trunking services and transitioning their telco needs to SIP trunk technology. With the cost savings associated with SIP, it is an attractive option for hoteliers that want to save money on their phone system investments.

This Webinar case study will explain why hotels should consider switching over to SIP trunking and analyze the cost savings associated with making the move. We will discuss the different types of trunking available and compare them to SIP trunking from a cost-versus-value perspective.

Additionally, we will provide an overview of using VoIP for hospitality applications such as guest room phones, conference centers, restaurants, and other areas where.

In this Webinar case study you will learn how Voiceware can:

  • Meet or exceed the needs of a newly built hotel.
  • Reduce your hotel phone system installation costs.
  • Make your property “Future Proof”.

Traditionally, hotel phone systems have relied on T1 lines, or bundled phone line “trunks”. SIP trunking relies on the Internet for a virtual phone line connection. SIP is a new digital standard that can be used for making and receiving calls from your staff and guests. The question is this – which technology is more cost-efficient for your property? During this webinar, we’ll look at an in-depth cost savings analysis of SIP vs Traditional trunking in hotels.


Making the switch to SIP trunking has a variety of benefits that can save hotels money. The WEBINAR will provide insights into how hotels can take advantage of these cost savings while still enjoying the features and reliability associated with traditional trunking services. With this WEBINAR, hoteliers will gain a better understanding of their telco needs and make an informed decision about whether SIP trunking is right for their business. Cost Savings Analysis SIP vs Traditional Trunking in Hotels. We look forward to your participation.

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