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VoIP Features That Will Boost Your Hotel, part 2 of 3

VoIPVoice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has taken the world of business by storm, and those within the hospitality industry are no exception. Hotels of all sizes are realizing the many benefits associated with switching from traditional landline phones to high-tech, modern, and budget-friendly VoIP networks. In addition to saving money and staying current with the times, VoIP can also make a huge difference in the overall quality of guest experiences and your employees’ ability to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. 


In the first portion of this three-part series, we took a look at some of the guest features that VoIP has to offer which can improve your business. Today, we will further explore this idea by highlighting some of our favorite features for front desk employees.

VoIP Features for the Front Desk

Your front desk often serves as the hub of the hotel. This is the first point of contact for most travelers and the place that guests know they can turn to in their moment of need. Therefore, it is extremely important that your front desk staff has the ability to stay on top of their work and operate efficiently at all times. The following VoIP features make this possible:

  • One-Touch Buttons — A user-friendly console makes it fast and simple for staff to learn the ropes and handle tasks with just one touch of a button. This creates more functionality through an intuitive interface.
  • Simple Check In/Out — An easy check-in and check-out process ensures that dialing restrictions are automatically set and voicemail is reset upon guest arrival, with an automatic phone deactivation when they depart.
  • Guest Lookup — Concierges have the ability to quickly look up guests by name and transfer calls with a single touch. 
  • Answer/Hold Capabilities — When the phones are ringing off the hook, VoIP makes sure that no call goes unanswered. With four answer/hold positions per console, your concierge can handle multiple calls at the same time. 
  • Credit Limits/Tracking — It’s fast and easy for front desk staff to assist guests with the process of setting credit limits, tracking costs, etc. through VoIP’s Call Accounting option.
  • Wake-up Call Monitoring — Make sure that your guests actually rise and shine when their wake-up call comes in. Front desk staffers have the ability to monitor whether or not a wake-up call was answered or missed to ensure that travelers get up and out the door on time.
  • Pop-Up Information Screen — Nothing makes a guest feel more valued and appreciated than being greeted by name. VoIP phone systems come with pop-up information screens each time a call comes in from a guest room. Your front desk staff will immediately see the name of the caller, his or her room number, their VIP status, native language, and any other pertinent information.
  • PMS Integration — VoIP phone systems integrate seamlessly with property management systems for posting phone call charges, room updates, guest room name assignments, etc. 
  • Call Blocking — Make your guest’s experience more comfortable by enabling your front desk to block incoming calls from toll-free lines to guest rooms. 
  • Auto Attendant — No one available to answer a call? No problem. Auto attendant options make it possible for outside callers to reach guests and for guests to have calls directed even when no one is at the front desk.

VoIP has the ability to take your hotel to the next level. Through its many robust features, VoIP improves staff capabilities and guest experiences for a more well-rounded and efficient business model. Be sure to check out the conclusion of this three-part series — in two short weeks — to discover the on-the-go VoIP features and capabilities that can benefit hotel staff wherever they are. Until then, learn more about what VoIP can do for you and your hotel by speaking to a PhoneSuite expert today.