VoIP Cloud Technology Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP Cloud Technology Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who buys PhoneSuite Systems?

Our systems are installed in over 2300 leading hotel chains and independent properties throughout the United States and Canada. Our typical buyer is a hotel owner, management company, or independent property who is looking for a reliable, feature-rich PBX solution at an affordable price.

VoIP Cloud Technology, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that enables telephone calls to be made over an internet connection instead of traditional phone lines. VoIP Cloud Technology is provided by PhoneSuite Voiceware, and it allows customers to make crystal-clear voice calls without the need for expensive hardware or installations.

VoIP Cloud Technology offers customers a number of advantages over traditional phone systems, such as lower costs and increased productivity. VoIP Cloud Technology also provides better call quality than traditional phones, as well as the convenience of managing calls from any device using the Internet of Things technology.

What are the three types of VoIP services?

In essence, there are three types of VoIP Services: In-house hosted, and hybrid.
Inhouse VoIP Systems. These can be found in the very large down to the small business. …
Hosted VoIP systems
Hybrid systems

How does cloud-based VoIP work?

Cloud telephony works through a VoIP service provider. When you dial the phone number you want to call, your service provider handles the routing. It converts analog voice signals into data packets and transmits them over your internet connection. That’s how it connects your phone to the person you’re calling

What are the key benefits of cloud calling?

It is often less expensive, easier to use, and much faster to implement. In most cases, cloud phone calls are transmitted over a secure Internet connection rather than the public Internet, increasing the level of security for a business.

What are the benefits of cloud calling?

Key benefits of a cloud telephony service
Easy implementation. …
Simplicity. …
Cost efficiency. …
Mobility and flexibility. …
Advanced call features. …
Increased productivity. …
Reliability and security

How do I know which system is right for my hotel?

If you have fewer than 60 rooms and you do not need advanced features, PhoneSuite 64 is perfect for your hotel.
PhoneSuite 112e is the ideal system for economy and limited-service hotels with up to 475 rooms. With our optional add-on applications, you will meet all franchise requirements.

Does your system come with a warranty?

All of our systems come with a standard two-year manufacturer warranty. We also offer our “No Questions Asked” extended equipment warranty which covers all PhoneSuite system components in the event of a catastrophic failure such as lightning, flooding, or electrical damage- no matter who’s at fault.

Will your system interface with our Property Management System?

Our systems interface with all major franchise PMS software.

What does a fully integrated system mean?

With our systems the optional Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, and Call Accounting applications are built-in (integrated) in the PhoneSuite cabinet, eliminating the need for third-party products and multiple companies to call if a problem should arise.

How can I save money by buying your product?

Because we design and manufacture our products in the United States we are able to pass the savings on to you.

I am interested in products that consume less energy.

PhoneSuite systems consume an average of 30 watts of power compared to our competitors who typically use nearly 600 watts.

If I have a PhoneSuite system installed and I have technical questions who should I call?

To better serve you it is best that you call the dealer who installed your system. If you are not sure who your dealer is please call our customer service at +1 (800) 245-9933.

How do I locate a dealer near me?

To locate a dealer near you please call our customer service at +1 (800) 245-9933.

Where is PhoneSuite’s corporate headquarters?

Our headquarters are located in Broomfield, CO nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains between Denver and Boulder.

Are your products manufactured in the United States?

We are proud to say that our products are designed, assembled, and manufactured in the USA.

Are you an approved vendor for our hotel?

PhoneSuite is a preferred vendor for Choice Hotels International and AmericInn and is also installed in thousands of other properties including Best Western, Wyndham, Accor (Motel 6), La Quinta, Carlson, and virtually all other brands. PhoneSuite can also be used in specific brands franchised by Hilton (Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, and Homewood Suites), Marriott (Courtyard, Fairfield Inn), and IHG (Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn, Candlewood Suites, and Staybridge Suites).

Do you offer to finance?

PhoneSuite has several leasing companies that we partner with to offer you several alternatives to help you purchase a new phone system at the best rates.

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