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Voicemail to Email: Another Beneficial Voiceware Feature.

Voicemail to Email in Hotel Phone SystemsAre you tired of calling your desk phone to see if you have new voicemail messages? In today’s fast-paced world, employees are often outside of the office with little time to make frequent calls to check their voicemail. With voicemail to email you are able to listen to your voicemail on your mobile phone, laptop, or other personal device – from anywhere. This allows staff to respond quickly to customers when he or she is on the road or out of the office.

How does this work? After a voicemail is left, the system immediately sends an email, with the voicemail as a sound file attachment, to your designated email address. Not only can you listen to the message, but you can see the caller ID, date, time and length of the message before opening it. Once you listen to the message you can save, forward or delete the message just like using your desk phone. If you decide to delete the message it will be deleted from your IP desk phone as well.

In sales, timing is everything. If a voicemail is left to a sales representative who is on the road, you want them to make that callback ASAP. This will increase your company sales and response times. If the email is deleted, it can always be found in the deleted box of your email reader. According to the Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, 80% of people were more likely to use voicemail when communicating urgent news if the message was being sent directly to someone’s email. This makes perfect sense as we all are connected to our mobile devices and emails in today’s world.

What makes this Voiceware feature great is being able to listen to a voicemail without calling into the company voice mail system, which can be a hassle to use at times. Voiceware by PhoneSuite is able to keep your staff in constant contact and provide the best customer service possible to all parties. It’s a win/win situation and once your staff uses voicemail to email, they will wonder how they ever got by without it. This is only one of many features Voiceware by PhoneSuite has to offer. Click here to check out all of its features.