SERIES2 Hybrid Voice Gateway Hotel Telephony Solution

A SIP/Analog hybrid voice gateway ideal for Select, Full-Service and Luxury properties for 50 to 5,000 rooms.
image of Phonesuite Series2 VoIP box

With the Phonesuite Series2 hospitality voice gateway system, hotels can now utilize the features and functionality behind SIP technology with existing phones, wiring, and infrastructure. The perfect hotel telephony solution for Analog and SIP phones using one PBX. Get ready to take your hotel communications to the next level for a whole lot less.

Today's Technology with the Future Mind

A powerful combination hospitality SIP/Analog gateway and hybrid PBX telephone system with integrated analog phone and analog trunk/PRI compatibility.

How It Works

The Best of Both Worlds - Series2 High-Density Voice Gateway combines a traditional telephony platform (analog extensions and digital telephone lines) with integrated SIP trunking. This allows hoteliers to leverage existing analog phones and hotel infrastructure and greatly reduce the cost to upgrade from legacy analog to SIP.

SIP or Analog - As an FXO/FXS voice gateway, the Series2 allows a hotelier to upgrade to the latest SIP devices within administrative areas of the hotel, while leveraging existing analog phones in the guest room – your choice. Either way, your staff and guests can utilize the full set of advanced features available within our Voiceware software.

High-Density Enclosure - Everything is in one enclosure. One Series2 Voice Gateway supports up to 240 guestroom phones, with the ability to combine additional cabinets to support an unlimited number of guestrooms. It is highly scalable and requires up to 70% less space than other gateways on the market today.

Green Technology - The Series2 High-Density Hybrid Voice Gateway uses the latest innovation to provide greater energy savings than any other Voice Gateway on the market today; Using as little as 10% of the power of other voice gateways, the High-Density Voice Gateway, manufactured in the USA by Phonesuite, provides superior energy savings and a lower TCO.

Feature Rich - The best of today’s and tomorrow’s phone system technology, with powerful administrative features. Built for Hospitality, new features and enhancements are continually added based on the market needs and requests.

Scalable - The Series2 runs any size hotel with the same set of features. No property is too big or too small. The Series 2 can also be configured to scale to large and complex multisite building environments and multi-property installations.

Flexible - The Series2 High-Density Hybrid Voice Gateway allows hoteliers the flexibility to deploy On-Premise or migrate to an "above property" Cloud-based SIP solution. With this small footprint solution, hoteliers can easily move from On-Premise to Cloud or from Cloud to On-Premise with little to no interruption of service. Its non-proprietary architecture is compatible with any Cloud-based or On-Premise SIP-based solution.

Fail-Over - In case of a server, LAN, or internet failure, the Series2 cabinet will automatically shift into TDM failover mode. All calls to and from analog ports in the Series2 cabinet will go through, including 911 calls from analog stations to analog trunks. When the server or network problem is resolved, Series2 will detect this and shift back into SIP-driven mode.

Economical - Phonesuite has been the hospitality-focused phone system value leader since 1998, and this philosophy continues with our latest technological advance. We are dedicated to providing the hospitality industry with more features at a better price.

Features & Benefits

  • SIP Server and Analog Ports Integrated into one attractive case
  • Rack-mount or wall-mount
  • IP-PBX Hardware and Software from a single reliable hospitality focused vendor
  • American Made
  • SIP trunking capable “out of the box” with 2 built-in failover analog trunk ports
  • Up to 240 analog station ports per cabinet
    • 8 to 24 port station modules
    • Standard Amphenol Connectors for Backend Compatibility
  • Up to 26 analog trunk ports, or one PRI plus 14 analog trunk ports per cabinet
    • 2 analog trunk includes in base system
    • 4, 8, and 12 port trunk modules
    • Standard 8 Wire T1/PRI Interface
  • PMS interface ports (PBX/Voice Mail and Call Accounting)
  • Automatic TDM-failover mode if SIP connection is lost
  • Stackable cabinets for unlimited analog station and trunk ports
  • Unlimited SIP endpoints (admin phones, SIP guest room phones, and SIP trunks)
  • Powered by Voiceware®, the Series2 is designed to integrate with our Voiceware software to provide a value-priced, easy to implement Hospitality Communication platform
  • Low power consumption / minimal environmental conditioning required
  • The perfect blend of old and new, guest and administrative, analog and SIP
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