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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Phonesuite VoIP System over Mitel

If you’re a hotelier, there’s a very good chance that you are familiar with Mitel’s line of business phones. These phones have been around for quite a number of years and have been employed by various companies across the country and around the world. Phonesuite Voiceware Hotel VoIP Cloud System is designed to meet the specific needs of hotel owners, providing them with the perfect solution for their operations. Reasons why hotels should choose a Phonesuite VoIP system over Mitel.

Luckily, there’s a better product out there, and it’s built specifically for the hotel industry. Maybe you’ve already guessed it: we’re talking about our hotel communications software. Our Voiceware and other technological offerings exceed any standards set by other companies, and we think you’ll be delighted by the possibilities available through our solutions.

What we’re going to focus on today are the top five reasons why Phonesuite’s Voiceware trumps Mitel when it comes to delivering the very best options for your hotel’s communications system.

Premise-Based or Cloud-Based

In every business, flexibility is one of the biggest keys to true success, and this is definitely the case in the hospitality industry. The Voiceware software developed by Phonesuite provides you with the option of using it in either a premise-based capacity or a cloud-based capacity. This means that the software can either be integrated into your hotel’s on-premises hardware and network or within the cloud, depending on your specific preferences.

Compatible with Third-Party Hardware

Although Voiceware was designed as a tool for the hospitality industry, we wanted to avoid building software that could only be used with either Phonesuite’s own hardware or the hardware of partnered or other specific companies. Voiceware can easily be used with generic third-party hardware, which means that you will not be required to replace your hotel’s current hardware setup unless it is advantageous to do so. This makes integration of VoIP technology a lot simpler than some hoteliers may believe it to be.

Approved by Major Hotel

A great measure of success for any type of business is when a product or service that they offer has been approved by major companies or brands within the targeted industry. This is exactly what has happened with Phonesuite’s Voiceware software. It has been approved by the Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, and IHG hotel brands, which has validated our technology’s success and importance within the industry. But, it is important to note that you don’t have to be a large hotel in order to utilize the software, which will go into greater detail below.

Scalable for Any Size of Hotel

The hotel industry absolutely thrives on its ability to scale its services whenever it is ready to grow and expand, whether that means a bigger facility or additional locations. Voiceware can easily be scaled with minimal effort on the hotelier’s part, no matter what size of individual hotel or hotel chain. Phonesuite’s software has been utilized in everything from very small boutique hotels with only a dozen rooms to large resort hotels with hundreds of rooms.

Made and Serviced by a U.S. Company

Many great products are created and built abroad, but the manufacturing standards in the United States of America ensure that you’re getting a product that you can rely on. Phonesuite is a U.S. company that not only builds Voiceware but also services and maintains the software. This means that if you ever have any questions about its operation, you will be communicating with someone who knows the local industry and can assist you with whatever inquiries you may have.

These are just a few reasons why Phonesuite’s Voiceware software performs better than Mitel. To learn more about what we can offer or begin the installation process today, reach out to our experts.

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