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Things You May Not Know About VoIP

surprisedWe all know that VoIP provides hotel owners and managers with an alternative communications system. We also know that the quality of VOIP has improved immensely over the years, and is now at the level of — and sometimes surpasses — the quality of standard communications. And, of course, nearly everyone knows that VoIP is very often a big money saver.

But what do you really know about VoIP? Here are some quick facts that might surprise you:

VoIP was created in the 70s

That’s right — smack dab in the middle of the era known for bell bottoms, lava lamps, and err… other things — was the creation of VoIP. It happened in August of 1974 when ARPANET, the network that helped create the Internet’s groundwork (sorry, Mr. Gore) transferred a 16k packet of encoded voice. It was truly a Graham Bell moment, but one that went mostly unnoticed.

VoIP Providers Have Full Access to Phone Numbers

Thanks to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), steps have been taken that have helped increase competition between standard phone providers and VoIP providers. Previously, if a VoIP provider wanted to obtain phone numbers for its customers, they had to purchase them from a third-party provider. Since that is no longer the case, VoIP providers can offer even lower prices.

VoIP Doesn’t Require the Replacement of All Phones

One of the greatest things about VoIP is the fact that it can often save businesses a good deal of money each month. What many don’t realize, however, is that money can also be saved by not being forced to switch out all of your equipment. While hotel owners do have the option of upgrading to VoIP-enabled phones, it is possible to adapt your existing phones to the VoIP system’s technology. And if you choose cloud-based VoIP, there’s often no installation at all.

Hotels Can Keep Their Existing Numbers

Switching your number is the last thing a hotel owner wants to do. It can complicate business dealings and make it more difficult, at least for a time, for your clientele to find you. Except under rare circumstances, a VoIP provider can transfer all of your phone numbers over to your new system without any hassle at all.

Faxing is Now Available

Although there are other options available, faxing is still used but many businesses on a daily basis. These businesses have shied away from VoIP over the years because fax services were not available. Times, however, have changed. Hotel owners can now add FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) to their VoIP communications options. And with the integration of fax with digital services, you can choose to either send a fax in the traditional way or use a “fax to email” service that will email a PDF file to your intended recipient.

VoIP is the New Norm

Although it’s taken a while to catch on, VoIP services are now revolutionizing telecommunications, not only in the hotel industry but overall. Now that the tough part — improving quality and strengthening the technology — is behind them, VoIP can look forward to a lucrative future full of possibilities. Even if you’ve never used VoIP, trust us — you will, eventually. And the sooner you’re prepared, the faster you’ll be ahead of your competition.

VoIP communications have come a long way since the 70s, but it has especially grown in the past decade. If you’re ready to start gaining all of the monetary and technological advantages that VoIP offers, you’re going to need a reputable provider. Contact PhoneSuite today and one of our astounding professionals will show you how you can get the most out of revamping your hotel’s phone system.