family of four checking into a hotel with the children being handed something by the hotel employee

The Best Ways to Make Business Guests Happy, Part 2 of 2

guest relationsFew customers have the influence and pull that your business guests do. Business travelers are a constant in the hospitality industry, requiring reliable accommodations throughout the year. When they’re happy with a hotel, they’re extremely likely to show their loyalty by returning for another stay or by recommending the facility to friends, family, and colleagues. 

It’s because these guests are so important that we’ve dedicated not one, but two posts to discussing new and creative ways to keep them thrilled with your location and services on a budget you can afford. Last week, we explored four simple ways to enhance your business guests’ experiences with your hotel and this week will conclude with four more highly effective –and free — ways to do so.

5. Anticipate Guest Needs

No one likes to feel displaced and out of their element — and especially not when they’re away from home. It’s your job, then, to anticipate your guests’ every need so that they’re able to enjoy a comfortable stay with you. It’s a good idea to do a little brainstorming. Mentally “walk” a day in the shoes of a business traveler — what might you require in order to compete your work? One of the first things that should pop into your mind is a suit. As your business guests head into meetings, they’re likely to need a fresh, pressed suit. It’s a good idea, then, to provide each guest with a suit holder. This will give them a place to hang their garments and keep them clean and free of wrinkles. They’ll appreciate your extra efforts and if they accidentally take the garment bag with them after they leave, you can enjoy some free advertising. 

6. Promote Corporate Events

Do you have a large group or company visiting your hotel for a conference, seminar, or other event? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to go the extra mile for your guests and earn their favor. These major gatherings can account for a significant chunk of your business, so why not show your appreciation by promoting the business or event within your hotel? Putting out a sign to welcome your honored guests or displaying a special greeting on a TV screen is an extremely simple gesture that can go a long way in building relationships and brand loyalty.

7. Get Personal

Encourage your employees to engage in genuine, meaningful, and personal conversations with your guests. People don’t like to feel as though they’re staying in a building full of strangers; they want to feel like your staff are their friends. Business professionals are great with people, after all, so why wouldn’t they want to socialize with you and your team? You’ll be amazed with the results. In fact, a study conducted by revealed that each positive interaction between a guest and staff member can increase brand loyalty by seven percent. Make note of where your guests are from, what line of work they’re in, what they plan on doing during their stay, what types of food they enjoy, etc. These are all great conversation pieces that can take your guests’ stay to the next level.

8. Follow Up

After engaging with your customers through personal conversations and other hotel interactions, it’s important that you take the time to follow up with them. Whether you take the time to ask how their experience was at the restaurant you recommended or to make sure that their room was maintenanced after a call was placed to your front desk, a timely follow-up can make your customers feel appreciated and acknowledged. 

How do you keep your business guests happy? The eight suggestions between this blog and the prior one will do a lot to improve your business, but upgrading your phone technology can take things to the next level. Learn more by contacting PhoneSuite today.