woman in a suit shaking hands with a man with grey hair across a hotel front desk

The Best Ways to Make Business Guests Happy, Part 1 of 2

hotel guestsWhen you’re in the hospitality business, you understand the value of earning customer trust and loyalty. After all, satisfied customers will offer their return business and coveted customer referrals. For hotels, business travelers tend to be the most difficult to please, but doing so is well worth the effort as these individuals have a lot of pull in influencing their companies’, friends’, and colleagues’ decisions about future stays in your hotel. So what steps can you take to ensure that your business guests are delighted with their experience at your hotel? This two-part series will cover eight simple ways to improve guest experience without breaking your bank account.

1. Have a Concierge on Social Media

Today’s business travelers have a lot of questions that they need answered before they are willing to book a stay in a hotel. Because these professionals are constantly busy, though, they will tend to avoid making phone calls in order to obtain information, instead turning to social media for answers. If you can provide answers to these guests’ questions before another hotel gets back to them, you’re much more likely to earn their favor. It’s wise to have one of your concierges logged onto social media or set up to receive updates whenever inquiries or customer reviews need to be responded to. This will enable you to quickly and professionally engage with travelers and secure their bookings. 

2. Put a Name to the Face

There’s nothing that warms a traveler’s heart more than knowing that you and your staff bothered to remember his or her name. This is especially true of business professionals who like to feel important and valued throughout the duration of their stay. Make it a point to remember your guests’ names so that when you see them, you’re able to greet them in a more personal way. This is a gesture that costs you no money but will go a long way in terms of increasing customer satisfaction. You can also extend this courtesy to answering phones. Hotels with a reliable VoIP communications network have the ability to see the name, room number, language, and VIP status of any guest calling the front desk. 

3. Show Off Your City

All work and no play makes Jack (and business travelers) awfully dull! In between conferences and meetings, you’ll find that these types of guests are eager to take advantage of their downtime by exploring the city. The problem is that they may not have a whole lot of time to research what there is to see in the area or to plan out their time. This is where you can jump in and save the day. Be ready and prepared to recommend all of the area’s hot spots to guests and have the ability to provide relevant suggestions and draw maps. This will take your business guest’s stay to the next level and he or she will appreciate your efforts to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that they have a happy, comfortable stay.

4. Offer Treats and Amenities

Who doesn’t love freebies? Even small gestures like leaving a mint on your guest’s pillow or serving cookies each night before bed can make a huge difference in your patron’s opinion of your facility. These are the things that allow your guests to truly settle in and feel at home. Your business guests will also appreciate amenities that allow them to stay healthy like pool and fitness centers, as well as a place to print documents like a business center, so be sure to promote these.

These ideas are sure to please your business guests, and there are more to come. Be sure to stop back next week for our final four tips. In the meantime, reach out to the experts at PhoneSuite for more suggestions on improving business.