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Techniques That Will Improve Your Hotel’s Productivity

productivityAnyone working within the hotel industry is well aware of the many challenges that come with being required to meet the needs of numerous guests while still operating within a healthy budget. Trying to cut costs by eliminating guest service or depriving customers of certain amenities is definitely not the way to go, but what should you do to save money?

The key to reducing your spending while still satisfying patrons is to work on boosting staff productivity. Not only does this enable you to get the most from every moment that an employee is on the clock, but it will also enhance your guests’ experiences at your hotel. This post will cover five great ways to boost productivity within your business.

Improve Communication

Communication is critical to any operation but can be challenging when employees are staffed in different areas throughout the hotel. Taking steps to improve your communication methods and encouraging your team to stay in contact with one another will make a huge impact. Modern VoIP phone systems frequently feature “Find Me” or “Follow Me” features that make it much faster and simpler to locate one another, while voicemail-to-email capabilities further streamline the communications process.

Billing Automation

The process of creating invoices and billing customers can be tedious and time-consuming. On top of this, your staff is only human, and humans can make mistakes that create major headaches for both your accounting team and your customers. It’s because of this that so many hotels are making the decision to automate the accounts payable process. The initial investment in such a solution can pay you back tenfold with improved efficiency.

Go Paperless

As more and more Americans “go green” in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, it’s becoming increasingly common for businesses to go the paperless route. We live in an age where most processes can be handled digitally, thus eliminating the need to waste time and money on paper. Instead of sorting through piles of documents, your staff can instantly access information via desktop computers and mobile devices with just a few touches of the finger. Transmitting paperwork from one hotel to another is also faster and simpler when done electronically. Finally, you’ll notice a drop in your monthly office supply expenses. It’s an all-around win!

Reduce Workloads

It’s always wise to conduct an audit of your employees’ workloads from time to time. Which duties are the biggest time wasters, and how could these areas be improved upon? Instead of having your staff take the time to make individual wake-up calls to guests, perhaps you could deploy an automatic, customized wake-up call via a VoIP phone system. If watering a host of plants is taking up too much of your employees’ time each day, it might be time to switch over to silk plants instead. Get creative and reap the benefits!

Motivate, Motivate, Motivate!

The fact of the matter is that many people are resistant to change. If you want your team to respond well to the productivity-boosting tweaks that you’re making within your business, then you’ll need to offer incentives for proactivity and efficiency. Perhaps you could establish some sort of monthly competition for productivity that is met with an attractive reward and recognition. Showing your appreciation for your staff’s efforts will motivate them to work even harder.

There’s no need for you to cut corners and amenities in order to save a few bucks. Even making just a few simple changes to your operational model can do wonders for your hotel’s overall level of productivity without compromising your budget. Learn more about how PhoneSuite can help you to accomplish your goals today with the use of VoIP.