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A Dozen Simple Ways to Increase Hotel Revenue – Part 1

hotel revenueThe life of a hotel owner or manager is certainly not an easy one these days. With so much competition in the hospitality industry, it can seem extremely difficult to make a buck. If your revenue stream isn’t where you want it to be, just know that you aren’t alone.

Millions of hotels are clamoring for higher profits, but too many of them have no idea how to make that happen. We don’t want to see you struggle, so we’ve taken the time to compile a list of ways that you can improve your hotel’s revenue stream. We have so many awesome tips to share with you that we’ll be splitting them into two parts. Let’s start with the first half:

Make Sure You’re Online

The simple truth in business these days is that if you’re not online, you might as well not exist. Sure, you can still find travelers who will happen to come across your hotel and give you a try, but those will be few and far between. We recently discussed why your hotel needs a website, which represents the bare minimum of having an online presence.

Send Personalized Emails

Whether a customer books a room through your website, via a booking agent (online or otherwise), or by calling you on the phone, you need to acknowledge their reservation right away. Sending a personalized email is a great way to welcome each guest to your hotel. This is a great opportunity to show what you’re all about, so make the most of it. Be sure to use their name, along with any pertinent details that their booking info has made you privy to.

Improve Customer Service

Guests are more likely to spend money at your hotel if they’re being treated well by the staff. Any reasonable request should be granted in a respectable manner. This also goes for fielding any complaints that a guest may have, no matter how small. The more you can show your guests that you care about their well-being and the experience they have while at your hotel, the more open they’ll be to getting extras that add to your profits and telling friends how great they were treated.


Be Consistent with Pricing

Some hotels are notorious for switching up their pricing options on a whim. Some will even drastically change their prices when an event is going on nearby. While it never hurts to fiddle with the price of your rooms to find the “sweet spot,” constantly making changes can keep some travelers away. The same is true with any extras that you offer to your guests.

Increase the Use of Technology

Most guests now expect a certain level of technology in their hotels. At the very least, they want free wi-fi and a hi-def television in their room. Other welcome options include VoIP and smart cards. If you can afford more than that, adding a tablet that is designed for use in the hotel can provide guests with many services (like easy access to room service) that will entice them to spend more money.

Effectively Use Social Media

Social media has a huge influence on many things these days and helping businesses increase their revenue is definitely one of them. By utilizing multiple social media platforms, you can advertise your rooms and amenities directly to your past, existing, and potential guests. This will increase their likelihood of booking a room and spending more money once they get there.

Utilizing Voice over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, at your hotel will help lower your monthly costs while providing a high level of quality. Reach out to the experts at Phonesuite today and we’ll evaluate your hotel’s communications needs and find the best plan that fits those needs.