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Primary Benefits of Hosted VoIP for Hotels, Part Two

thumbnailIf you’ve been keeping up with recent technology trends, you may already be aware that Voice over Internet Protocol is sweeping through a number of different industries. If an industry uses communications to conduct business, then VoIP can help them succeed. 

This is especially true with the hospitality industry. Hoteliers are fully aware that communications can make or break a hotel. Guests are fickle and when they don’t have a good stay, they let their friends know. Reliability and functionality are key when it comes to keeping guests happy and returning to your hotel, and by hiring a vendor to provided a Hosted VoIP solution, it takes the responsibility of proper communications out of your hands and places it in the hands of professionals. 

Last week, we touched on two benefits of choosing Hosted VoIP for your hotel, which you can read about right here. In this second part of our two-part discussion, we’ll be focusing on three additional benefits that an upgrade to Hosted VoIP will give you:

Hosted VoIP Can Be Scaled

As we discussed last week, one of the greatest benefits of Hosted VoIP is the flexibility inherent to the system. No matter what your needs are, great or small, VoIP can be scaled to handle them. If you have a small hotel, there’s no reason to splurge on a network where much of it goes to waste. If your facility is larger, VoIP can be scaled to handle your more robust communications requirements. And, of course, as your small or medium-sized hotel grows, your vendor will help you grow your Hosted VoIP solution so that you can keep up with your needs. This ease in scalability will help you provide the best experience for your guests regardless of your hotel’s size.

Spending is Easily Managed

A big selling point for VoIP is that making the switch can save many hotels money in both the short and long-term, depending on a few factors that you will discuss when choosing a vendor. One such factor is constructing a communications network that is the right size of your hotel. Many hotels, and businesses in general, will upgrade their network to a level that is simply overkill for its needs. The same is true with additional features being added to your communications that you will never use or are unlikely to use, all of which may result in a higher cost. A hosted VoIP solution can help prevent that by allowing a qualified vendor like PhoneSuite to keep your costs as low as possible by designing the right size of network for your hotel. 

Improved Communications Environment

With all the technology that surrounds us today, the idea of unified communications is a goal that every hotel should have. A standard communications system that deals only with voice is separated from other forms of communication, such as email, video, messaging, conferencing, etc. When you think of a Hosted VoIP solution, it’s important to realize that you’re dealing with data rather than a voice signal. This data can be unified with all those other data-based types of communications, providing your hotel’s employees with a more integrated system that will help improve their workflow and, best of all, your profits.

The three benefits discussed above further illustrate the advantages of using Hosted VoIP for your communications system of choice. Flexibility is one of the key components to a hotel’s success and this solution will help you achieve that. To learn more about how VoIP or Hosted VoIP can improve the way your communications system operates, contact PhoneSuite for a free consultation. Our professionals will answer any questions you may have and get you started on the road to greater success.