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Hotel Business Owners & Guest Testimonials have praised the high quality of service they receive from PhoneSuite. With their attentive customer support and reliable systems, they are able to enjoy a smooth and streamlined communication experience during their stay. Customers often comment on how quickly problems with their phones are resolved and how getting help is always just a phone call away. Hotel owners appreciate the savings that come with using an efficient hotel phone system as well as its ability to provide them with greater control over their operations. PhoneSuite continues to innovate in hotel voice technology, making sure that hotels can give guests the best possible communication services while staying current with the latest industry trends. Their comprehensive solutions ensure that hotels remain competitive in today’s marketplace while giving customers an enjoyable

Phonesuite is a leading provider of modern cloud-based VoIP telephony systems for the hospitality industry. With Phonesuite, hotels are able to take advantage of the latest telephone technology and enjoy numerous benefits, including

Increased efficiency – By using cloud-based VoIP telephony, hotel staff can communicate more effectively with guests and other members of their team. This improved communication increases operational efficiency and allows hotel staff to better serve guests.

Cost savings – Cloud-based VoIP systems require minimal upfront costs but provide maximum value in terms of features and services. Additionally, phone calls made over a VoIP system cost much less than traditional landlines so hotels can save money on their phone bill each

On-Premise or Cloud-Hosted – The Voiceware platform is fully integrated into one software-based application, built from the ground up for IP-based communication. Voiceware can be run locally as well, meeting the needs of your communication strategy and technology management approach.

Voiceware Express – Voiceware Express is your limited version of our communication solution, combining future-proof technology, streamlined billing, and 24/7/365 maintenance and support. It’s your solution to regulation compliance, providing efficiency, and around-the-clock monitoring. For about half the up-front cost and the same monthly bill as your current phone system, you’ll benefit from Voiceware Express’s suite of features.

Future-proof communications with today’s hospitality need in mind.
Our system is fully compliant with the new Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act national 9-1-1 legislation, and the flexibility of our VoIP and Voiceware Express products means that your communication system has the ability to continue to change and adapt with the times.

The Phonesuite Guarantee
We give you our assurance of the quality of our product with a promise to resolve any issues you have with our hardware or software in a timely, respectful, and comprehensive manner. Phonesuite is the proven choice for modern, open-architected integrated hotel communications with over 6,500 systems installed. We have a proven track record and we are committed to continuing to change the way the hospitality industry approaches guest communications.

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