chalk drawing of a keyboard that is plugged into a drawing of a cloud to convey cloud computing

Leveraging the Cloud for Hotel Staff

cloud computingInstant and accurate communication is an absolute “must” within the hotel industry. Having the ability to quickly convey information and make requests is what helps hotel staff to do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible while also ensuring that guests’ expectations are continuously met. Is your hotel’s communications system fast enough to keep up with today’s consumer demands?   

One of the surest ways to find the answer to this question is to consider your current methodology for responding to a guest’s request for service. In the past, it was common for this process to go something like this:
  • Step 1– The guest calls the front desk and ask that a lightbulb be changed.
  • Step 2 — The concierge scribbles a note down on a scrap of paper or in a log.
  • Step 3 — The concierge uses either a walkie-talkie or leaves a note/service ticket to notify maintenance of the need for service.
  • Step 4 — Cross your fingers and hope for the best.
Not the best system.
Without the proper communications platform, there’s just too much room for error. It can sometimes be difficult for staff members to understand one another through walkie-talkies, and notes can become lost. A system based on the aforementioned steps also provides no opportunity to see whether or not the request is being responded to and when it has been completed. As a result, a customer’s request can fall through the cracks, leaving him or her dissatisfied with the service that has been received at your hotel. 
Basically, with so many different employees and guests moving throughout your hotel at one time, this type of “system” is just too difficult to stay on top of. It’s simply not possible to address guest needs and requests properly and in a timely fashion. Without making a change, you’ll soon find the negative reviews stacking up as your parking lot slowly empties out.
Enter: The Cloud
Instead of trying to get by in today’s world with yesterday’s “technology”, the most successful hotels are taking full advantage of the cloud and all it has to offer. Some of the many benefits of moving to the cloud include speed, reliability, mobility, and security.
  • Speed — Get and stay in touch faster than ever before. Cloud-based communications services make it possible for guests to quickly obtain information and reach the right employees, and for various branches of your staff to stay connected at all times.
  • Reliability — Unlike notes, which can be lost, or walkie-talkie messages, which can be lost in translation, data that is entered into the cloud will remain in the cloud — regardless of any possible disaster. Continuous data storage and communications transmissions are maintained at all times. 
  • Mobility — Another beautiful feature of the cloud is that you can reach who you need to reach with the single push of a button. This is made even simpler through “Find Me/Follow Me” features, ensuring that you can meet guest needs on the double.
  • Security — The cloud is able to do all this without compromising the security of your hotel or guests’ private information. 
Of course, these perks are really just the tip of the iceberg. Leveraging cloud services including VoIP phone systems and property management software solutions can help you scale back your operational costs and become a more profitable enterprise. You’ll also find that it’s much easier for staff to meet and exceed guest expectations, thus decreasing excess overhead costs while increasing customer recommendations and positive reviews.
Want to learn more about how the cloud can improve life for you, your hotel staff, and your guests? Talk to one of the pros at PhoneSuite for the details.