a woman wearing a white shirt showing a housekeeper something on a small tablet in a hotel room

How Hotel Communication is Changing

Although the core tenets of the hotel industry – making guests happy during their stay – has remained the same since its inception, pretty much everything else within the industry has changed in a big way. Even smaller hotels can offer conveniences that never would have been dreamed of only a few decades ago. And to a large degree, this has been all because of advances in technology.

Many of these advances are involved with improving communication throughout a hotel, and it certainly appears as if the industry is going to continue to evolve. Let’s take a quick look at how hotel communication is currently changing and how that will affect the future.

Cloud-Based Technology

What began as a somewhat wild notion about storing tons of information in some kind of non-tactile and often non-central digital stratosphere of sorts has become an industry standard at this point. Hotels can use this technology to enhance communications and personalize the guest experience, which also increases the hotel’s efficiency. And now we’re seeing the takeover of edge computing, which streamlines and improves upon the process.

Robotic Technology

The use of robotics in the hotel industry is only in its infancy right now, but in the coming years, we will see this part of the business blossom and grow like crazy. These robots are not meant to replace real-life personnel but to complement how human beings are able to communicate with guests and deliver services. If handled properly, this could be one of the most exciting prospects of hotel technology in the future as it opens up an entirely new way to service and delight guests.

Virtual Reality

In recent years, businesses have begun to implement new virtual reality ventures while simultaneously incorporating this potentially life-changing technology into their current business offerings. Hotels have now gotten into the act, allowing tours and presentations to be set up online to show off amenities, surrounding attractions, nearby restaurants, and much more. This technology also offers a more personalized experience for past guests by allowing the presentation to be designed around what the hotel already knows about the person.

Voice over Internet Protocol

When Voice over Internet Protocol was first introduced, it was seen by many as a technology that could never compete with traditional phone systems. That day has come and gone thanks to advancements in technology that have placed it at the forefront of communications options. With its lower-priced structure, robust technology, and off-site capabilities, VoIP is not only here to stay but will continue to make a name for itself in the future.

Artificial Intelligence

It has can become very clear that artificial intelligence is the wave of the future, and its role in communications is certainly no secret. With hotels, we’re already seeing it in phone technology, chatbots, and other options that are being developed with the future in mind. When used properly, this technology can simplify and enhance the customer experience 24/7, thereby streamlining your hotel’s efficiency and overall service capabilities.
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Mobile Applications

The use of mobile devices is so prevalent in today’s society that you simply must consider every opportunity to maximize your hotel’s communications potential by using them. Mobile applications not only streamline the service that you provide to your hotel’s guests, but they also improve communications between members of your staff. And if anything on this list is destined to stick around for a very long time, it’s definitely the use of cell phones and mobile applications.
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