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Hotel Technology Offerings That Appeal to Families

hotel tech families

As the old saying goes, the family that plays together stays together. Maybe this is why every year, millions of families across the country pack their bags and head out on a family vacation to see the sights, visit amusement parks, learn what the world has to offer, and basically enjoy some rest and relaxation as a group.

Today’s families, however, typically need more bang for their buck. They expect certain types of technology to be a part of their days and nights at your hotel. To help ensure that you’re keeping them fulfilled, we’ve compiled a quick list of technology options that will make a family’s vacation go more smoothly.

Attractive Website 

The first piece of technology that your hotel should be focusing on isn’t even something that’s on the premises. With the creation of an attractive website, you will help families decide that you’re the perfect hotspot for their vacation. These days, people find it difficult to trust any business that doesn’t care enough to be online – and, yes, that includes any hotel, no matter its size.

Social Media Engagement

Let’s stick with the “outside of your hotel” technologies for a moment. While social media can sometimes be a little rough around the edges or overreaching when it comes to certain topics, businesses understand that it’s an important piece of technology for today’s travelers. When utilized properly, hotels can grab the attention of families and offer them lower rates, special discounts on services, and much more.

Smart Room Control

The digital control of equipment has certainly come a long way since “The Clapper,” and hotel guests still seem to become enamored by it. Newer technology can turn hotel rooms into “smart” rooms, with items such as lights, music, television, and more controlled by an in-room tablet, phone app, or similar type of input device. Kids, especially, love to play with this level of control.

VoIP Phone System

Effective communication between family and hotel services is always appreciated. The same goes for any technology that allows a family to stay connected to the outside world. Of course, hotel guests want quality – and that’s where a hotel VoIP system comes in. VoIP allows everyone to stay connected and also simplifies business needs in the event that a family member must conduct a little business while in town.


Robot Helpers

Across the country, many hotels are turning to robots for tasks such as the delivery of room service. Imagine a child’s delight when a “knock” at the door results in a robot wheeling in a cart of food. They’ll squeal with glee and wonder what else it can do. And don’t be surprised when it’s called again just so the family can enjoy the novelty of the technology.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

If you’re going to cater to families, you definitely need to have plenty of family-friendly entertainment at your hotel. This includes everything from in-room tablets and smart TVs to game consoles and movie options. There is often a lot of downtimes when families go on vacation and if you give them something to do, they’re more likely to speak highly of your hotel.

Pet-Friendly Entertainment

If your hotel allows pets, there’s a good chance that those pets will remain in the room for extended periods of time while your guests are away. You should plan for this by either offering a “pet channel” on the TV or, at the very least, giving guests access to movies involving lots of animals such as Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Milo & Otis, or even Cats & Dogs.

Even if your hotel doesn’t have all of these types of technology at its disposal, the trick is to make the most of what you do have to offer. The experts at Phonesuite can assist you with the installation and operation of a hotel VoIP phone system that will ensure reliable communications for both your guests and employees. To learn more, reach out to us today.