Go Green with Your Hotel Phone System

Go Green with Your Hotel Phone System

Green Hotel Phone System

These days, it seems as though the whole world is going green. Not only are consumers taking steps to be more eco-friendly in their day-to-day lives, but they are also expecting the businesses that they work with to take responsibility for the protection of the environment. Because of this, it is more important that hotels become greener now than ever before.

Although there are numerous ways in which a hotel can become more environmentally friendly, one of the smartest ways to do so is by choosing to upgrade your phone system. Although landline systems have dominated the communications market for decades, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the way of the future. Internet-based phone systems have the ability to significantly cut back on your facility’s energy consumption, as well as offer many other “green” benefits.

In order to ensure that you are doing your part, it is very important to consider what the hotel phone system that you select for your facility can actually do to benefit both you and the environment. In this post, we will explore the ways in which a VoIP phone system is an eco-friendly solution for your hotel, and why a PhoneSuite phone system will help you to be as green as you possibly can.

Environmentally Friendly Aspects of VoIP

A VoIP phone system can help your hotel take responsibility for the environment while cutting back on your own expenses. Here’s how:
  • Increasing Virtual Communication – VoIP telephony is supportive of unified communications systems by allowing all forms of communication, including fax, conference calls, and even webcam meetings to be combined under one single umbrella. This cuts down on the materials and resources required for your facility’s communication needs, which means that you won’t need to consume as much energy to operate your equipment. In addition to this, virtual communications cut down on the amount of paper that you will need to use for fax and data sharing.
  • Waste Reduction – Traditional phone systems often become outdated quickly and must be upgraded. VoIP phone systems can have new features introduced to them with updates through the Internet, and are fully scalable. This ultimately cuts down on the amount of discarded equipment that ends up in landfills.
  • Electronic Transmissions – Because voice and other data are transmitted electronically via the Internet, VoIP does not require miles of wire and cabling that is coated in unsafe substances. This helps to reduce the number of dangerous chemicals that may be introduced into the environment.
  • Decreased CO Emissions – Virtual Communication cuts down on the need for individuals to travel from one place to another in order to communicate. In the event that you need to host a seminar or meeting with another hotel branch or business partner, you can meet virtually with your VoIP phone system. This cuts down on the carbon emissions that would have depleted the ozone had you driven or flown to a distanced location.
Going Green with PhoneSuite

Although PhoneSuite phone systems offer all of these benefits to hotels like your own, we also take things a step further. Our equipment is specially designed to require even less energy than that of our competitors. Not only will this help you to cut down on your operating expenses, but it will also reduce your carbon footprint in a big way; it’s a win for everyone involved.

Becoming a greener, more environmentally responsible company is much easier than you may think. By making the decision to upgrade to a VoIP phone system, you can enjoy big savings and a more eco-friendly way of communicating and operating your business.