Future Proof Hotel Phone System

Future Proof Hotel Phone System

Future Proof Hotel Phone SystemWith the rapid changes in telecommunications and technology, it is now even more important for hospitality properties to protect their investments and make sure they are ‘future proof’.  Voiceware by PhoneSuite IP PBX is just such a ‘future proof’ product.  Voiceware is a software based PBX designed exclusively for the hospitality market. 

Using Voice over Internet Protocol technology, or VoIP, Voiceware is a feature rich, affordable, and safe investment.  VoIP reduces costs for all telephone calls, lowering operating expenses.  Also, many properties using VoIP are now offering unlimited US and Canada calling, either for a small fee per call, or included in the room rate to boost their RevPAR.  VoIP is a standard feature on Voiceware.  Also, since Voiceware is essentially software, encased in reliable hardware; changes, additional features, repairs and upgrades are easily implemented remotely using the internet. All hardware and software is warranted for two years, and extended warranties are offered at minimal cost. 

Voiceware does away with traditional consoles, and puts the console on existing computer screens at the registration desk, sharing that screen with the PMS.  It does this using a simple web browser, no hardware or software is needed. Also, analog room phones are supported by the Voiceware Series 2 V.IP, and easily connected to Voiceware.  Great looking new SIP, or IP phones, with a wide array of business features, are used for pairing to the front desk console and for management and office phones.  All brands of SIP phones work with Voiceware.  Also, voice mail is separated between guests and management, giving administration and management phones a complete business system. 

Voiceware is approved for use by major hotel flags, brands, and chains in North America, and interfaces with all known PMS systems that have a PBX interface.  A list of known PMS systems that interface with Voiceware is available on the PhoneSuite web site. www.phonesuite.com

Voiceware by PhoneSuite comes standard with a complete Unified Communications package, including; Automatic Call Distribution, Auto Attendant, Interactive Voice Response, and integration of email and voice mail.  This allows for independent answering and handling of calls to different parts of a property, like the bar, restaurant, room service etc.  Also, Voiceware allows for full use of all features by department, with individualized automatic attendant and menus, for specials, reservations and more.  Since Voiceware is a complete system, with all features built in, these valuable features are already included, adding to the ‘future proof’ of the system.