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Empower Your Staff and Boost Efficiency with Phonesuite Systems

Regardless of how busy your hotel is on any particular day, your top priority must always be to take care of your guests in a timely and professional manner so that they will have a great experience and visit you again. One way to boost your chances of earning repeat business from guests is to maintain a high level of staff efficiency — the more efficient your staff is at fulfilling requests, the happier your guests will be.

Becoming more efficient is a lot easier when you have the proper technological tools at your disposal. The good news is that Phonesuite has spent many years designing and implementing such tools designed specifically for the hotel industry. Let’s take a look at how Phonesuite’s systems can help improve your staff’s efficiency.

Simple Tasks Are Automation

A lot of the requests that come into your hotel’s lobby are from guests who are making simple requests, whether it’s for room service, a wake-up call, or just basic information. The systems utilized by Phonesuite provide an opportunity to handle simple tasks through an automated system and other options that will help you prevent your staff from being bogged down by these types of requests.

Multitasking Becomes Easier

Perhaps the best way to improve your staff’s efficiency is to give them tools that allow them to multitask throughout the day. Phonesuite’s VoIP hotel communications system allows for customization of its tools so that your staff will be able to organize and schedule tasks and responsibilities. One important result of this is the ability to work on multiple guest requests at once.

Continuous Operation Through a Hosted Solution

Since every hotel communications system is integral to the operation of the facility, then any downtime you experience could very well bring your entire workforce to a grinding halt. Phonesuite prevents this from occurring by offering a Hosted Solution along with its VoIP technology, which means that you’ll always have experts watching your communications system to stop anything that might disrupt it.

Staff Will Be More Mobile

Whenever a hotel staff is always chained to the front desk, it is more difficult for them to carry out requests made by your guests. The VoIP technology employed by Phonesuite allows your hotel’s staff to stay connected through mobile devices, which means they are freer to move around the facility and more easily fulfill guest requests.

Sensitive Calls Can Be Quickly Transferred

Even if your hotel is the very best in customer service, there will be moments when escalation occurs and you’re going to need to involve a manager. You certainly don’t want to spend your time searching for the manager while the guest waits around. With Phonesuite’s VoIP technology, however, its Find Me / Follow Me functions will allow you to send escalated requests directly to the manager or another staff member who can help resolve the situation.

Less Stress Translates to Better Workers

It’s a simple fact that when a hotel worker is stressed about completing requests and dealing with complications, there’s a good likelihood their work will suffer because of it. By utilizing the technological options available through Phonesuite, your hotel’s entire operation will go more smoothly. This will help lower your staff’s stress level and improve their efficiency.

Improving your staff’s efficiency is a great way to keep guests visiting your hotel over and over again, not to mention giving them a reason to rate you highly on social media and to their friends. To learn more about how Phonesuite’s VoIP technology options can help, reach out to our experts today.

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