CASE STUDY Two Boutique Hotels

CASE STUDY: Two Boutique Hotels

Hotel Telephone Systems Case StudyVoiceware has the performance and the proven track record that you would come to expect from a PhoneSuite solution. Want to know how it can transform your business? In this case study you will learn how Voiceware can:

Boutique hotels needed to quickly find a reliable and innovative solution for their telecommunication needs, they turned to PhoneSuite Voiceware. Our Hotel Voice Solution provided the perfect answer for all their requirements. PhoneSuite Voiceware gave the Boutique Hotels both convenience and improved customer service with its intuitive design that allowed the staff to have easy access to the tools they needed.

The Boutique Hotels also appreciated that PhoneSuite Voiceware offered a comprehensive solution for their particular needs. The system provided a variety of features such as voice mail, call forwarding, auto attendant, and more. Additionally, PhoneSuite Voiceware was integrated with the Boutique Hotels’ existing PMS system, allowing them to streamline the process for their guests.

The Boutique Hotels were so impressed by PhoneSuite Voiceware’s features and ease of use that they decided to upgrade their whole system with our Hotel Voice Solution. The Boutique Hotels are now able to offer a superior guest experience, thanks to the reliable and intuitive telecommunication solution provided by PhoneSuite Voiceware.

With its comprehensive features, including voice mail, call forwarding, auto attendant, and more, Hotel Voice Solution is the perfect fit for Boutique Hotels looking for a reliable and innovative solution for their telecom needs

  • Meet or exceed the unique needs of a Boutique property.
  • Reduce your operating cost and improve your image with automated call answering.
  • Put the focus back on customer care, not administrative tasks.


PhoneSuite Voiceware’s Hotel Voice Solution proved to be the perfect answer for the Boutique Hotels’ telecommunication needs. Our intuitive design and comprehensive features allowed them to streamline their guest experience, while providing a reliable and innovative solution that they can depend on. Founded in 1988, PhoneSuite manufactures and designs phone systems exclusively for the hospitality industry for Telecommunications Services. Phonesuite is the proven choice for modern, open-architected integrated hotel communications with over 6,500 systems installed. We have a proven track record and we are committed to continuing to change the way the hospitality industry approaches guest communications.

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