6 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Hotel Phone System

Hotel Phone System

We live in quite an amazing age of technology. We can now accomplish things faster and easier than ever before, and it’s all right at our fingertips thanks to a wide array of devices and advancements. Gone are the days of being shackled to your desk in order to do business in a constructive manner. Many of you probably remember being called in to the office because of some emergency late at night or maybe even during a vacation.  Those days are over.

Nowadays, if you want to stay connected outside the office, you will stay connected. This includes not only remote access to your computer systems, but to your VoIP enabled phone system as well.  If you own or manage a hotel, this can be an invaluable advantage as it allows you to control everything that’s going on with your hotel and guests no matter where you are. In fact, you can appear to be in your office at the hotel without physically being there. 

To further illustrate how great this can be for you and your business, here are 6 ways to use your VoIP based phone system to stay connected when you’re away from your property:

Take your office with you — Thanks to the newest technology being utilized by today’s smartphones, you can literally take your work home with you, even if you’re not actually going home. Everything that is going on with your hotel and guests can be reported to you at a remote location, thanks to the internet and remote access tools.  The same tools that allow your office computer to be accessible from anywhere can also apply to your business phone.

Call continuity – With a SIP client on your laptop or mobile phone, you can receive calls to your desk phone just as if you were sitting at your desk.  Vendors, staff , or guests call your extension number or direct line, and your laptop or mobile device receives the call.  Answer and they’ll never know you aren’t sitting at your desk.

Outbound business calls from offsite — If you need to conduct business from a remote location, but don’t want to necessarily use your personal phone number, you’re in luck. You can actually set up any outbound business calls made from your mobile device to appear as if they are being made from your business line at the hotel. Your clients will have no idea that you’re on a vacation sipping martinis while conducting business.

Never miss a call — In any industry, it’s imperative that you don’t miss any calls, because you never know how important any particular call might be. Depending on the size of your hotel and its current setup, you may want to forward incoming guest calls to another location, a specific employee’s business cell phone, or even directly to yourself. You can even set up your desk phone to ring several additional phones or mobile devices at once. All of this can greatly benefit both the hotel and its guests.

Set up virtual announcements — Even when you’re away from your property, you can still maintain a considerable amount of control over its goings-on. Remotely setting up virtual announcements for your incoming calls, whether they are for guest or employee purposes, is a great way to inform everyone about important events, news, and more at any time of the day or night.

Emergency call setup — If some type of emergency occurs when you’re not on the premises, it’s paramount that you be informed as soon as possible. Always being connected when you’re not on the premises will ensure that you’re notified immediately, which will help increase the security and reliability of your hotel in the event of an emergency. VoIp based hotel systems can be set up to alarm designated phones, and that can include your remote phone.

To get the most out of hotel telephony functionality, you need to be connected at all times. With today’s VoIP technology, there’s no reason to not be in constant contact with your hotel. Always being in the loop will help your business run more smoothly.