woman wearing an argyle grey sweater sitting in bed on the phone using a laptop inside a hotel

A Few Things That Travelers Don’t Want to See at Your Hotel

hotel technologyBefore arriving at your hotel, your guests may have some anxiety concerning the level of comfort that your facility can provide. While an excellent hotel should act as a traveler’s “home away from home”, a history of negative hotel experiences can leave people feeling wary, and seeing certain things within your hotel may trigger those feelings and send your customers running for the hills. So what is it that your guests absolutely don’t want to see in your hotel? The following list describes five travel turn-offs.

1. Poorly Kept Exterior
It’s been said that “you can’t judge a book by its cover”, but in the world of hospitality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your hotel’s exterior is the first thing your guests will see, and it will set the tone for their entire stay. If your building’s paint is peeling, your lawn is overrun with weeds, or your sign features missing letters or bulbs that have burnt out or are flickering, you’re in trouble. Your guests will feel that if you can’t be bothered to maintain your property’s exterior, then its interior surely isn’t much better. Take a look at your facility through the eyes of your prospective guests and ask yourself, Based on what I see right now, would I choose to stay here?
2. Dated Decor
After years of the same old thing, you may not give a whole lot of thought to your hotel’s carpeting, artwork, lobby furniture, color scheme, etc., but your guests sure do. Unless your hotel has a retro theme, the last thing your visitors want is to feel as though they’ve entered into a time warp. The dated decor is indicative of a hotel that can’t be bothered to keep up with the times, and if it can’t be bothered to upgrade its upholstery from decade to decade, why would it take the time to upgrade its other features?
3. Dirty Lobby
Keeping your hotel lobby clean and in pristine condition is the key to putting your guests’ minds at ease from the moment they walk through your doors. Take a look around your lobby and make note of what you see. Does the floor appear scuffed or dirty? Are trash bins overflowing? Is there any litter on the ground or on the lobby furniture? Do the drapes appear unwashed? Are any of your shelves, ledges, or other furnishings covered in dust? If you notice these things, your guests will too, and it’s a huge turn-off. After all, if your lobby is filthy, chances are the individual guest rooms aren’t very thoroughly cleaned either.
4. Aloof Staff
How much effort does your staff put into engaging and interacting with your guests? The more courteous and friendly your team is, the more comfortable travelers will feel within your walls. Guests want to feel as though your concierge and other hotel employees are approachable, not aloof. Develop policies and standards that discourage staff from messing around with cell phones or playing computer games while at the front desk, and instead promote positive customer interactions like good eye contact, name recognition, asking questions, etc.
5. Dated Technology
Today’s travelers have high expectations when it comes to hotel technology, and the last thing they want to see is a hotel with antique computers, dial-up Internet, and old, clunky guest room phones. Upgrading to a Voice over Internet Protocol phone system, offering free WiFi, and providing a modern business center will put your guests at ease.
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