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5 Ways Your Hotel Can Save Money with a VoIP Solution

cost_downEveryone in the hotel industry is looking for ways to cut costs without skimping on the needs and desires of their guests. What many hospitality managers and owners are realizing is that switching to VoIP is a great way to lower their monthly bills while keeping their services intact.

Here are five ways that you can save money by making the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol:

Lowered IT Costs

Ask any business person and they’ll tell you that IT costs can be off the charts. Unfortunately, in this day and age of technology having pervaded much of our lives, most companies — especially those in the hospitality industry — simply cannot get by without IT. Employing a team of IT professionals can quickly add up, even if much of the day is spent not working directly with the system. The beauty of VoIP is that many of these costs are either lowered or eliminated. You can even opt for a Hosted Solution with a trusted VoIP provider, taking all of the work and responsibility out of your hands and placing it in the hands of a trusted VoIP provider.

Cost-Efficient Installation and Replacement

Installation is one of the biggest costs inherent to a communications system for a hotel or any other business. Hardware is not cheap, either, so if your system breaks down, you’re looking at a good chunk of change to get it up and running again. VoIP doesn’t have this problem because there are fewer pieces of hardware involved. In fact, with some solutions, all you have to worry about are the phones and necessary software to conduct communications. What’s even better is that, in many cases, a VoIP provider like PhoneSuite can use your existing phone infrastructure to operate your new VoIP system.

Fewer Replacement Parts

While it may not seem like a huge expense to occasionally replace worn-out parts of a phone system, the truth is that these expenses add up over time. Newer systems have the problem of their replacement parts being expensive because they’re often new components. Older systems, on the other hand, can be more difficult to find replacement parts for, which drives up their costs as well. It is basically a no-win situation. VoIP systems, on the other hand, utilize very little hardware that could someday break down, and those parts that may wear out can be easily found for a nominal cost.

Affordable Phones

The hospitality industry is built on communications and service, and in order to provide the very best service, you may need to get in touch with a certain employee at a moment’s notice. Hotels cannot expect employees to provide them with their personal phone numbers for events that are not emergencies, but many also can’t afford to provide each employee with a business phone. Luckily, VoIP offers a solution by allowing calls to be sent directly to an employee’s phone without the need to know his or her personal phone number. This provides better security for the employee and better service for your guests.

Free Premium Features

While traditional phone systems can be hit with extra costs associated with premium services, VoIP comes equipped with several premium services at no charge. The inclusion of long-distance calling, voicemail, call forwarding, and other useful features that are often essential for business can save hotels a good deal of money while providing the tools necessary to make your employees and guests happy.

Saving money is a great benefit of switching to Voice over Internet Protocol, but that’s just the beginning. PhoneSuite is an industry leader in providing hotels with VoIP solutions, whether it’s on-site or as Hosted IP. Contact us today and we’ll get you started with the best communications solution for your business.