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4 Ways that VoIP Relieves Stress in Hotel Employees

keep calm and get voipYou don’t have to be a part of the workforce for too long before you realize that even the most relaxed business environment can be quite stressful. It is understandable for your employees to carry certain burdens on their shoulders, but unfortunately, this is not conducive to a successful atmosphere.

What you want to do is promote is a low-stress or stress-free environment. It may be surprising for many hotel owners to learn that using VoIP in your facility is a fantastic way to relieve some of your employees’ stress. And a happy employee is a more productive employee.

So, how exactly does VoIP reduce stress for your hotel staff? Here are four primary ways:

Working Away from the Desk

Most hotel employees do a lot more than just stand behind a desk all day. They also need to tend to a variety of tasks that involve customer relations. Unfortunately, being chained to a desk makes it more difficult for an employee to conduct other tasks without abandoning his or her post. VoIP solves much of this problem by allowing employees to move around more freely. An employee can assist a guest by routing incoming calls to a VoIP-equipped phone that can be carried around with them. This means that an employee can leave the desk without feeling stress that may come from choosing which task is more important — helping the guest or manning the phone.


More people are telecommuting these days than ever before. Huge companies — Apple, for instance — employ at-home workers for customer service and tech support. While a hotel obviously needs employees to physically be on the premises every day, employees who take reservations can take advantage of telecommuting. While working from home does take additional discipline, the offer of telecommuting made to certain employees through the use of VoIP is an instant stress reliever. This means that an employee can work in his or her own sweats, save money on daycare, etc. As you can imagine, working from home can feel like a heavy weight lifted off your shoulders.

Call Distribution

Even in a hotel environment, it’s quite possible that you’ll field calls throughout the day that must be transferred to other individuals. VoIP has included features, such as an interactive voice response system, that allow this to be done easily and automatically. This will often keep the phone from “ringing off the hook,” which can greatly lower an employee’s stress level.

Remote Business Dealings

Even if your position at a hotel doesn’t force you to stay locked behind a desk, there’s a good chance that you’re chained to the hotel in one way or another. As a manager, for instance, you may be forced to “pop in” to deal with a specific guest, check your voicemail, etc. With VoIP, however, you’re no longer tethered in this way — instead, you can conduct your business away from the hotel, still maintaining the control and organization that is desperately needed in the hospitality field. This capability can lower your stress as a manager, the stress of your employee who is trying to deal with the problem on his or her own, and the stress of the guest. It is a win-win-win situation.

Stress is one of those things that you always want less of. As a hotel owner, if you can make your employees happier by cutting down their stress level, you’ll increase productivity and promote a more richly enjoyable atmosphere. As illustrated above, the addition of VoIP can help relieve stress in ways that you may not have considered. For more information on VoIP and how it can help your hotel improve its productivity and save you money, along with other benefits, contact the friendly professional at PhoneSuite for a consultation.