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Communicate More Effectively with On-Premise or Cloud PBX
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Freedom. What Full-Service Should Be!

Phonesuite Gives Full-Service Hotels & Resorts the Freedom to Communicate More Effectively, Anytime, Anywhere

Guests opting for a full-service hotel experience will no doubt expect top-notch service in all aspects of their stay. Deliver on their expectations by offering a high quality communications experience. Your hotel communications system is reliable, whether utilizing our on-premise or cloud PBX solution. You focus on your guests, not the technology.

Phonesuite’s Managed VOICE Voiceware Platform gives hoteliers and their staff the FREEDOM to interact and communicate more effectively with each other and their guests – anytime, anywhere from any device. For hoteliers, this means NO more costly phone bills, NO more hardware restrictions, and NO hidden fees. Our “future poof” technology ensures that your investment won’t be obsolete within the next few years. Rather, our hotel PBX solution provides a significant strategic advantage over your competition. Goodbye PBX regret; hello peace of mind!

Phonesuite has been has designing and building communication technology exclusively for the hospitality industry for more than 25 years. Products and services specifically targeted for Full-Service Hotels include:

Additional Products and Services:

  • Series2 High-Density Hybrid Voice Gateway
  • Exceptional Service ACD/Call Center Module
  • SIP Trunking
  • Enterprise Auto-Attendant
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