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Why Industry Specific VOIP PBX Matters for Your Hotel

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems have been around for decades now. The majority of large businesses, hotels, hospitals, and other users of multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) use some sort of VoIP system in their buildings, which means there is no shortage of options when selecting a VoIP provider for your hotel.

But hotels are not like other large businesses. You have unique needs and concerns regarding your communications systems that can’t be addressed by any generic VoIP provider on the market. Investing in a digital PBX that’s specifically designed with hotels in mind will ensure you’re set up for success.

The Unique Needs of Hotels

Hotels are unlike most large businesses in one fundamental way: your customers are in the building with you. This means that hotel managers and staff have to juggle their in-person interactions, their off-site interactions such as guests trying to book rooms or ask questions, and their everyday administrative tasks. Other unique needs include:

  • Mobility: unlike in an office where everyone sits at one desk, hotel staff are expected to move all over the premises and even outdoors while still being reachable by phone
  • Quick transferring: if you’re on the phone and a guest requires assistance in person, you can transfer the call to another person and help the guest standing in front of you.
  • Aligning systems: you’re always trying to ensure that maintenance, housekeeping, room service, and other internal systems in the hotel are working together without overlapping.
  • International communications: hotels spend a lot of time on international faxing and calling and talking to people in other time zones
  • Round-the-clock operation: unlike most businesses, hotels need to be reachable every hour of every day

To address all these issues, your hotel needs a system like Phonesuite.

The Benefits of Phonesuite

For 30 years, Phonesuite has been installing top-of-the-line VoIP systems in thousands of hotels worldwide, from the smallest boutiques to the largest luxury chains. Our systems are built from the ground up, exclusively for the unique needs of hotels. So what does Phonesuite bring to the table?

Modern, Flexible Phone Systems

A modern VoIP PBX system brings conveniences that can make your staff much more efficient while simultaneously improving your guest experience. With Phonesuite, you can automate check-in and check-out calls, set wake up calls automatically, and organize room status and billing through your computer systems.

Our software also includes:

  • Attaching the names of your guests to their room extensions so that outside callers can reach specific guests without routing calls through the front desk
  • Allowing callers to leave voicemails for specific guest extensions that are deleted as soon as the guest checks out
  • Easily breaking down call costs and billing from each room.
  • An automated Do Not Disturb mode allows guests to silence calls via a call system, phone app, or browser page.
  • Automated room availability status that notifies housekeeping the moment a room is vacated
  • Automating room service through a web interface or phone tree

Significant Cost Savings

In addition to the sophisticated features, one of the substantial advantages of a Phonesuite system is cost savings. The Upfront cost of installing a digital system is far lower than that of an analog system, and it includes a brand new network, monthly service, and a lifetime warranty. Customers are free to structure their pricing to favor lower upfront costs or lower monthly payments, depending on their needs and priorities.

Industry-Leading Service

Several years ago, Phonesuite was contacted by a hotel management company whose hotel had been struck by lightning, knocking out power and phone service to half of their rooms. The next day, we had a signed proposal and installed a full working system within ten days of the initial message. We even preserved their original phone numbers and performed the installation over the weekend so that staff could be trained the following Monday.

Flexibility for the Future

Laws and regulations around communications are fluid and continue to change — just recently, two laws passed by Congress changed how MLTS systems handle emergency calls — and it will be vitally important that your hotel can keep pace with these changes.
With a digital system, all changes to your phone tree’s behavior are handled in software, so you can add lines, remove features, or completely alter the way calls are forwarded with no infrastructure or wiring changes at all.

Talk to Phonesuite Today

If you’re ready to take the next step in bringing your hotel’s technology into the 21st century, give Phonesuite a call! We can provide you a ballpark estimate or a detailed quote for upgrading your hotel, depending on your budget, infrastructure, and needs.