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Voiceware Express — What You Need to Know

In 2020, two new pieces of legislation will go into effect that all hoteliers will need to pay close attention to: RAY BAUM’S Act and Kari’s Law. It’s possible that you’re already in compliance with these laws, but if you’re not, they may have a substantial effect on how you handle calls in your hotel.

RAY BAUM’S Act (an acronym for the Repack Airwaves Yielding Better Access for Users of Modern Services Act) improves on the amount of information included in a 911 call. Rather than relying on the caller to tell dispatchers what they need to know, the law requires that 911 calls automatically pass along “dispatchable location” — including street address, floor level, and room number of the caller — to first responders so they can find the caller as quickly as possible.

Kari’s Law also concerns 911 calls. It mandates that 911 calls be able to reach an outside line without dialing a prefix or being routed through any internal infrastructure — just pick up any phone and dial.

It also requires “onsite notification.” What that means is that if a guest in any one of your rooms dials 911, you’ll be notified immediately at the front desk, potentially allowing you to get to the distressed guest faster than emergency services.

The Solution: Voiceware Express

Voiceware will ensure that your hotel is completely compliant with these two new pieces of legislation. It will also grant you the flexibility to update your system if and when new legislation is passed — the beauty of a digital, internet-based PBX is that its functionality can be changed hotel-wide at a moment’s notice with no additional hardware or infrastructure required.

Phonesuite’s Voiceware platform is the only VoIP PBX built from the ground up exclusively for hotels, and we’re the only system accepted by all major hotel brands. We’ve installed our system into more than 6500 hotels since 1988, and will continue to bring hotel technology into the 21st century as long as the internet exists.

Voiceware works on any computer, since it lives in a browser window rather than forcing you to install new software on every one of your machines. This means logins are decentralized too — any user can access the system from any machine.

While Voiceware is compatible with any hotel of any size, from the smallest boutiques to the largest luxury resorts, Voiceware Express is designed to serve hotels with 90 rooms or less. Installation is quick and easy, since it doesn’t require new cabling or phone hardware, and we’ll save you money on your current telecom bill while substantially upgrading your system!

What’s Included

In addition to the advanced software features of Voiceware, allowing you to customize the functionality of your hotel’s PBX to your exact specifications, you’ll be able to take advantage of the following:

  • Streamlined service, equipment, and billing
  • Coverage for all voice calls in North America, incoming and outgoing (except for information calls or unscheduled 911 tests) are included
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and emergency support call center
  • Free adds-moves-changes and questions plus comprehensive training
  • and support
  • Free software and future upgrades
  • Forever warranty
  • Bluetooth Headset capable equipment

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in Voiceware Express, contact us for a quote today! We’ll walk you through installation, the system itself, and the support and onboarding you’ll need to get up and running.