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Voiceware Express – Compliance and Simplicity

If your hotel’s phones are still running on analog phone lines or basic VoIP, it’s time to modernize. Voiceware Express is one of Phonesuite’s hospitality communication solutions, merging flexible technology with diligent maintenance and support from Phonesuite’s experts. For the best possible compliance with new laws and service to your guests, Voiceware Express is the solution.

Compliance with Changing Communication Laws

In 2018, Congress passed two laws requiring all multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) to change the way their systems handle 911 calls. Hotels and other large buildings will be required to:

  • Pass along “dispatchable information” with all 911 calls, including street address, floor level, and room number of the caller
  • Allow callers to reach 911 without dialing a prefix or being routed through any phone infrastructure
  • Set up “onsite notification,” notifying the front desk in the event that any guest dials 911 from their room.

With a traditional analog system, making such changes to the way that internal calls are routed would be difficult, if not impossible. With Voiceware Express, the updates can be made immediately and from any computer, making compliance quick and easy.

Better yet, Voiceware Express employs future-proof software that can be updated remotely to keep up with new developments in both legislation and feature sets. If new requirements arise in 20 years, you’ll already be prepared.

Simple to Use and Install

Voiceware Express is intended for hotels with 144 rooms or less. Upgrading requires almost no installation or hardware upgrades — as long as your hotel has an internet connection, we can get Voiceware Express up and running.

Voiceware Express brings a suite of customization software, allowing you to set up your internal phone system however you want.

Features on the browser console include:

  • Setting wakeup calls and calling permissions
  • Scheduling and implementing the hotel’s night mode
  • Missed wakeup call notifications showing any guest who didn’t pick up their wakeup call
  • General call reporting, broken down by room and customer status
  • Emergency number alerts
  • Real time monitoring of which guests are using the phone and which number they’ve dialed

In addition to all the features built into the software itself, which allows you to customize the behavior of your hotel’s PBX to your exact preferences, the Voiceware Express package includes:

  • Streamlined service, equipment, and billing
  • Coverage for all voice calls in North America, incoming and outgoing (except for information calls or unscheduled 911 tests) are included
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and emergency support call center
  • Free adds-moves-changes and questions plus comprehensive training and support
  • Free software and future upgrades
  • Bluetooth Headset capable equipment

Talk to Phonesuite Today

If you’re ready to bring your hotel’s software and communications into the 21st century, contact Phonesuite for a quote today! We’ll explain every step of the process, from installation to onboarding, and generate a quote to install Voiceware Express in your hotel. Get in touch!