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The Triple-A Plan to Profit from Your Hotel’s Free Wi-Fi

wi-fiIt’s no big secret that modern travelers expect free Wi-Fi from the hotels that they visit. Whether they need to stay connected with family, remain plugged into their work, or simply want to have a way to kill the time by having access to internet-based games like Words With Friends, your guests won’t be happy with anything less than the fastest and most reliable wireless internet connection throughout the duration of their stay at your facility.

So what’s in it for you? At first glance, it may appear that you’re being forced to offer a free service to users on your dime — or else. After all, you can’t very well deny the masses what they want or you’ll go completely out of business! But, what if offering free Wi-Fi could do more than just keep you afloat? What if it could actually help you to generate revenue? It’s easier than you might imagine, and all you have to do is remember the triple-A Plan:


Wi-Fi should be easy for users to access — regardless of how they checked into your hotel. Because mobile and self-check-in via VoIP phone systems are the wave of the future, you’re going to have to find a way to let guests get connected without having to rely on a password written on a slip of paper by the concierge at the front desk. Modern hotels are allowing patrons to sign in via their favorite social media platforms or through the completion of a simple form. After agreeing to the terms of service, your guest’s Internet landing page might include links to your social media accounts, encouraging users to get connected and increasing your fan base. This allows you to expand your public reach and visibility while ensuring that it’s easy for travelers to actually get online and make use of your Wi-Fi. After all, accessibility is the first step to your business making financial gains.


Big data analytics have completely changed the way that businesses learn about their customers, and hotels should be no exception to this rule. After providing your guests with easy access to high-speed wireless internet, you’ve got all the information you need to start gaining true insights into your guest’s thoughts, needs, desires, and behavior patterns. Why would you ever pass up on such an opportunity? Every moment that your guests spend online is an invaluable opportunity to collect data that will empower you to move forward with targeted marketing campaigns and offer customized services that will better improve guest needs. In addition to all this, you can also track behaviors and movements throughout your property, enabling you to create custom marketing for events and conferences that take place within your facility.


Just like “faith without works”, analytics without action is dead! You can gather all the insights you want, but if you don’t seize on actionable steps to take advantage of what you’ve learned, you’re not going to gain anything. Have your analytics revealed the times of day when your guests are most active online? Be sure to send emails and make social media updates during those times. Customize promotions for your hotel’s services based on user behaviors and interests. This is your opportunity to reach your guests on a whole new level and increase your overall sales. Make it count!

It’s time to stop looking at Wi-Fi as something that you have to offer your guests and start viewing it as the goldmine that it is. By offering free Wi-Fi to travelers, you get to obtain incredible insights that will allow you to grow your business and thrive. Pair that with modern VoIP phone services and your hotel will be unstoppable. Give the experts at PhoneSuite a call to learn more today.