Technology Infiltrating Hotel Customer Service

Technology Infiltrating Hotel Customer Service

Front Desk Telephone TechnologyToday, technology has infiltrated every aspect of both our personal and professional lives. All of us have begun to expect it, due to the value that it brings to our lifestyles and experiences. It should naturally go to follow, then, that technology has become an important part of customer care, as it provides hotels with a way to give a higher level of service, delivering on your guest’s expectations of technology, while operating more efficiently. In this post, we will explore the various areas of customer service within your hotel that are impacted by modern technology.


First impressions are what count, and a guest’s hotel experience begins from the very first moment that they walk through the front door of your facility. In addition to maintaining a clean and inviting-looking lobby, your hotel’s patrons will be greatly influenced by the check-in process, and this will actually set the tone for their entire stay. Making use of advanced technology can help to enhance that process and make a winning first impression. This is where your property management system (PMS, phone system, IT infrastructure, and customer service) collide. It is only when these elements are working together seamlessly that your front desk personnel are able to check guests in quickly and accurately, while providing the guest with the feeling that your staff are friendly and that their stay will be enjoyable.

During the Stay

When guests book a stay at your hotel, they expect to remain in-touch with the outside world. It is because of this that most hospitality businesses now choose to offer complimentary wireless internet to their patrons. But as technology continues to advance, so do your customer’s expectations of your facility. Bluetooth connectivity, secure voicemail, Internet Protocol (IP) phone systems, and conference centers that are equipped for presentations and voice calls are all things that your guests may need or expect during their experience. The more technology that you can integrate into your hotel, the happier and more comfortable your customers will be.


Check-out time can quickly become a nightmare if a guest believes that he or she has been overcharged. This can happen when a customer’s child orders a service or makes a long-distance call without their knowledge, if the guest makes a call to an outside line that does not answer, or if the customer is unknowingly solicited by an outside party. Through the use of technology, guests can choose to set spending limits, so that problems like these cannot happen. Also, not everyone wants to go down to the front desk and wait in line to check out. For guests who are in a hurry, technology can help once again. By enabling your customers to check out via their phone system or cable network, you can improve their experience.

The Future

The technology employed by your hotel today will greatly influence your guest’s decision to book a stay with you again in the future. Those guests who are loyal enough to lodge with your facility again will not only expect the same great experience that they had before, but they may also come with the expectation that their return patronage will be appreciated. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to flag a returning or extremely loyal customer with a VIP status, so that your attendants would know their history and take measures to ensure their continued loyalty? Technology can make this a reality.

There’s no reason to lose business because your hotel has fallen behind the times. By embracing technology, you can streamline your processes while providing guests with the best possible experience — every time.