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Could Switching Your Hotel Phone System to VoIP Make You a Big Player?

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Let’s face it – the hotel industry is tough to crack. It is especially difficult when you’re facing tough competition that is often brought on by the bigger hotel chains or even when you’re attempting to grow your business and become one of the “big players” yourself.

The good news is that technology can help you bridge the gap between your hotel and the ones that are much bigger than you are. To that end, could installing a hotel VoIP phone system put you into the realm of the big players? Today, let’s explore that notion and find out for ourselves.

The Importance of Guest Offerings

As a hotel owner or manager, we’re guessing that you have a long laundry list of features that you believe will make your hotel a real success. This list likely includes everything from room cleanliness and courteous service to in-room tablets and keyless entry. In fact, these days, there is absolutely no shortage of the conveniences and services that the majority of your guests expect, and failing to deliver on those expectations can keep your hotel from achieving success and competing with both the bigger players in the industry and those that are on your same level. In recent years, in fact, there has been a shift where offerings centered around technology can easily make or break a hotel, whether it’s a chain or an independent location.

The Importance of Communication

While it’s true that guests desire a clean room, comfortable bed, and quality customer service, you can’t get around the fact that technology has become a huge part of a person’s travels. Amongst all the modern devices and conveniences, the number one most important element that they’ll certainly notice – whether good or bad – is your hotel’s communications capabilities. Regardless of the size of your hotel, guests will have certain expectations – and if you can pull off giving them solid communication throughout their stay, they will regard you as one of the “big players,” especially when they turn to social media and word-of-mouth to sing your praises.

How VoIP Improves Your Hotel

Truth be told, if a guest at your hotel has trouble communicating with either the hotel staff or with outside parties, he or she will immediately have a negative view of your hotel no matter how great everything else about the stay was. The use of a poor communications system will lead to a bad experience that will reflect poorly on the hotel as a whole. But, on the flip side, the installation of a hotel VoIP phone system – which will deliver outstanding call quality, impeccable service, data security, and no downtime – will leave guests with a positive outlook, and they will be more willing to share their experience with others.

How VoIP Makes You a Big Player in the Hotel Industry

Even smaller and medium-sized hotels must present themselves in such a way that they’re able to compete with the offerings of the larger chains. Even though the big players in the industry will be able to offer certain perks that a smaller hotel might not be able to afford or logistically manage, the installation of a VoIP phone system is a simple way to bridge the gap between the independent hotels and the bigger chains. This sophisticated system delivers outstanding quality and communication options that will put any hotel up a level or two as it relates to service and convenience for their guests. So much so, in fact, that those extra perks won’t make a lick of difference to most guests.

Competing against other hotels often comes down to providing guests with the most advanced features available. If you’d like to learn more about how a hotel VoIP phone system can help you compete against bigger competition or those who are on your level, reach out who the experts at Phonesuite today.