two woman guests at a hotel, one wearing a white top and the other wearing a colored blouse talking to a hotel employee

Real World: How Phonesuite is Helping our Hotel Customers Now

Over the last 30 years, Phonesuite has installed sophisticated, flexible VoIP phone systems in more than 6500 hotels all over the world, from the smallest boutiques to the largest chains. So what do these systems actually do to help our customers? Let’s dive in.

Modern, Flexible Phone Systems

A VoIP PBX system offers a huge array of modern conveniences that will give your guests a better experience and make your staff more efficient than a traditional system. Phonesuite customers can automate check in and check out calls, set up wake up calls automatically, and run room status and billing through your computer systems.

Other features bundled with Phonesuite’s software include:

  • Applying guests’ names to room extensions so that outside callers can call guests by name rather than routing calls through the front desk
  • Allowing voicemails to be left for guest extensions
  • Easily breaking down call costs from each room
  • A Do Not Disturb mode, allowing guests to hold calls via a call system, phone app, or website
  • Allowing housekeeping to update room availability status the moment they’re finished with a given room
  • Automating room service through a web interface or phone tree

Saving Our Customers Thousands

One of the biggest advantages of a Phonesuite system is the cost savings that it affords our customers. When we replace a traditional analog phone system, we switch them to SIP trunks, which offer a substantially more affordable monthly expense compared to the huge upfront costs of analog systems.

Here’s an example:


The first example is what one of our customers pays under a Phonesuite system, while the second is what they were paying previously on an analog system. You’ll notice that while the monthly cost is slightly higher, the upfront cost is nearly half as expensive as the alternative — and that includes a brand new system, monthly service, and a lifetime warranty from Phonesuite!

Customers are welcome to structure their pricing in a number of different ways — some prefer larger upfront costs in exchange for lower monthly payments, while others don’t have the cash on hand for a large upfront payment — so contact us today and we’ll go over your options.

Being There When You Need Us

We were contacted a while back by a hotel management company whose building had been struck by lightning. “Half of our rooms don’t have phones,” the email read. “We are in a really bad position right now.”

We prepared the proposal and the customer signed the contract the next day. Despite being in the middle of our busiest season, we jumped into action onsite and managed to install an entirely new system within 10 days of the initial message. We even preserved their original numbers and installed the software on a Saturday so that staff could be trained first thing Monday.

Normally, planning and installing a new system takes at least a month, but this customer was in dire straits and needed help. The owner was very pleased with the system and has since had it installed in two more hotels — less urgently, of course.

Looking Ahead

The biggest advantage of a VoIP phone system isn’t the benefits it offers right now, it’s the benefits that it will continue to offer down the road. Since the phone system is entirely digital, it isn’t limited by the number of phone lines or employees in your hotel.

The possibilities to expand lines and features as your hotel grows are practically unlimited. The world has switched to digital these days, and hoteliers that don’t stay up to date will be left behind. Contact us for a consultation and a quote today, and embrace the future of the hospitality business!