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PhoneSuite’s VoIP System Can Alleviate Busy Times


Everyone involved in the hotel industry understands that when a hotel gets busy, it can get really busy. Oftentimes, it seems that everyone is being pulled in multiple directions at once and simply clamoring for a bit of stability. This typically happens over the holidays or during special events in the area, but it can occur anytime.

If you want your hotel to succeed, you must be able to handle a high amount of traffic coming into your location at a moment’s notice. You may not realize it, but the installation of a hotel VoIP phone system can help you maintain control of those busy times. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that this is accomplished.

Better Efficiency for Bookings

A VoIP hotel phone system provides access to menus and options that allow guests to book rooms at a quicker pace. This means that a lot of the calls that you would typically need to answer will be handled automatically, which will free you up for customer concerns within the hotel itself. This creates a level of efficiency that will help prevent any sort of bottleneck of service while you attempt to take care of everyone when the place is packed.

Hotel Employees Are Always Available

If there is one thing that can routinely hurt a hotel during the busy times of the year, it’s when employees cannot be reached because of all the daily tasks that are expected of them. As you can imagine, this goes not bode well for a guest’s positive experience. Thanks to VoIP, your hotel’s employees are always available because calls can easily be transferred from one person to the next or even rerouted to specific areas or designated persons as needed.

Personalization of Customer Service Eases Disruptions

The more personalized you can make your hotel’s customer service, the fewer disruptions that you’ll experience. Your hotel’s VoIP phone system can be integrated with Customer Relationship Management tools that allow you to utilize customer data and interactions in order to more easily identify each guest’s needs and address them. This lowers the likelihood that a guest will have a reason to reach out to you, which will severely lighten your workload and keep things flowing.

Managers Can Remain in Contact At All Times

When a hotel gets busy, its manager will often be going from one hotel issue to the next in rapid succession. There may even be times when the manager is nowhere to be found because they’re tending to two or three tasks simultaneously to help improve a guest’s experience. A VoIP hotel communications system can be programmed in such a way that the manager is always readily accessible no matter where he or she is in the hotel or even if they’re off-site. By providing this level of communication between managers and employees, guests will more efficiently and effectively have their desires and need to be cared for.

Hosted Solution Translates to Continuous Communication

The last thing you want is to have a communications system go down in the middle of a busy weekend or during a holiday or event. If you choose to utilize a Hosted Solution for your VoIP hotel system, then you never have to worry about any downtime. That’s because communications experts will constantly be monitoring the system and will immediately attend to any possible issues that may interrupt your guests or the hotel’s operational capabilities.
No matter what time of year it is, VoIP can help you out when things get busy. To learn more about the installation and implementation of this advanced communications system, get in touch with the experts at Phonesuite today.