graphic showing phonesuite's voiceware system and a pie chart of the call reporting next to a tablet with Voiceware on it

Phonesuite Releases Voiceware 3.0 as An Upgrade to its Existing Hotel Communication Platform

Voiceware-Call Reporting

Enhanced software helps hotel managers monitor one or more properties more efficiently using new cloud-based tools to track call data, metrics, and hotel staff

(Broomfield, Colorado) – August 15, 2018 – Phonesuite, a leading provider of communications solutions for the hotel industry for more than 25 years, announces the release of upgraded Voiceware 3.0 software, the next iteration in its leading IP-PBX hotel management platform. This major release represents Phonesuite’s commitment to developing innovative tools that help hotels function more efficiently and profitably through cloud-based technology delivery.

A significant feature of Phonesuite’s Voiceware 3.0 software platform is cloud-based call reporting. This tool provides hotel managers using Voiceware with up-to-the-minute call data, such as usage and staff metrics. Hotel ownership groups also gain the ability to view data across multiple properties they manage from a single, secure location.  Other enhancements include upgrades to improve efficiency and security, as well as new features to aid in the setup and installation of the Voiceware platform.

“With Voiceware 3.0, Phonesuite continues to shift toward cloud-based delivery of important hotel technologies that are feature-rich, easy to install, and affordable,” said Phonesuite CEO Frank Melville.  “In addition to new feature sets, Voiceware 3.0 wraps our browser-based reporting system that allows system usage and staff metrics tracking at one property or any group of properties – all from a single pane of glass”.

About Phonesuite

Phonesuite is a single-sourced, hospitality communication solution for hotel managers and owners who need a reliable, simple-to-implement telephony platform that supports both SIP and analog phones. For over 25 years, Phonesuite has been the proven choice for modern, open-architected integrated hotel communications for over 5,500 hotel installations. Our products, combined with our nationwide dealer support and engineering expertise, create reliable communication solutions that meet or exceed all hotel requirements. In addition to our local and regional reseller channel, our turnkey solution is also now available to factories direct to national groups.