PhoneSuite Hotel Phone System

PhoneSuite Hotel Phone System Technical Agility

Hotel Phone System Technical Agility Case Study Putting a new phone system into the field in a new environment is always challenging and points out design changes needed very quickly.  PhoneSuite’s reseller in Mexico found out just how agile PhoneSuite and Voiceware can be when encountering unknown environments.

Broadband Integration Company of Cabo San Lucas Mexico is a certified Voiceware reseller and put their first system in the field at the Villas del Mar property in Cabo.  The PBX is connected to an E1/PRI trunk from TelMex, the dominant fixed-line carrier in Mexico.  The core of the issue they use a different type of E1 that Voiceware had not encountered before which uses MFC/R2 signaling.  This was different from all other E1 types and requires much extra information to be entered into the system.

For some manufacturers this would have been an issue, as getting the fix completed and sent to the property would require corporate approvals and testing procedures which would have delayed the installation and left Broadband Integration Company with a depressed customer.  PhoneSuite developed Voiceware and has a dedicated support staff in addition to our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC).  Our development team was able to get a back-end hack worked out for the site so they could get up and running the same day as the issue was discovered.

Just days later, all Voiceware software had the changes needed for this particular issue incorporated into the normal release software so now anyone can use that particular E1 type.  Being a smaller company and working with a responsive development team and dedicated support staff really helps when these kinds of issues pop up.  Being able to update Voiceware systems remotely from our NOC is vital to keeping resellers and customers confident in the system.  It is also important to note that these improvements in the software are included for free to all future customers.

When it comes to hotel communications, being down is simply not an option and the team at PhoneSuite stands ready to tackle issues quickly as they come about.