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Outage Fears at Your Resort? Not With PhoneSuite On The Job

Anyone who owns or manages a resort hotel understands that their guests expect quite a lot from their stay. They expect not only premium amenities, but the very best service that the industry has to offer.

In recent years, the hotel industry has changed by leaps and bounds, especially as it pertains to technology. Much of this involves your hotel’s communications system. And the very last thing that you want to happen is for there to be an outage at your resort.

Vacation Resorts Are Big Business

Every year, millions of people go on vacations around the world. While many of these travelers are on a strict budget, plenty of them will splurge on a big vacation since they only take one every few years. This means that they want to stay in the very best hotels and are more than willing to pay the extra costs involved so that they can live like kings and queens, if only for a short time. Or, perhaps they’re in a financial situation where costly vacations are the norm.

Resort Guests Expect Perfection

Regardless of whether travelers are accustomed to the use of resort hotels or not, they all have one thing in common – they have extremely high expectations. In fact, many of them will expect perfection from the moment they walk in the door until the moment they leave. This means that hoteliers must go to great lengths to ensure that the rooms, food, service, and more are presented in the best possible light. This includes providing impeccable communications at all times throughout their stay.

What Causes a Communications Outage

The last thing your guests want to experience at a resort hotel is a loss of communications. An outage doesn’t occur because someone switched off the electricity, of course. When it comes to the communications system at a hotel, outages typically occur either because of an overall failure of the system or unauthorized access by hackers intent on causing havoc or in an attempt to access personal data.This can cause problems for both your hotel and its guests.

How Your Resort Can Be Affected

As previously stated, guests who stay at a resort hotel demand absolute perfection throughout their stay. These days, this includes providing a reliable communications network that they can use for both personal and business reasons. If your hotel’s communications system experiences any downtime, this could leave a bad taste in their mouths and prompt them to leave negative feedback against you. Basically,what you’re looking at is a hit to both your reputation and your bottom line.

VoIP Technology Provides Great Security

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is no longer in its infancy. This communications setup now presents a robust, reliable phone system for many businesses around the world, and more are adding VoIP to their companies every day. This cloud-based technology provides convenience, security, and specialized services that are perfect for any size of hotel. In fact, the security procedures that are utilized by VoIP cuts down on not only intrusion into the system but also the possibility of downtime.

Hosted Solution Goes a Step Further

If you want to ensure that downtime is never an issue at your resort hotel, then you definitely want to invest in the use of Phonesuite’s Hosted Solution. While VoIP technology can be handled in-house, our Hosted Solution offers peace of mind by allowing VoIP and communications experts to constantly monitor your hotel’s system to ensure that everything is running smoothly at all times. Whenever any issue is detected, our experts will fix the problem before it has a chance to impact your hotel or its guests.

Phonesuite has dedicated itself to not only improving the communications capabilities throughout the hotel industry, but also to ensure that there is no downtime that could result in lost profits. To learn more, give our VoIP and communications experts a call.