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Mobile: Not Just for Guests Anymore

mobile technologyAs a hotelier, you’re constantly looking for new ways to keep your customers happy and satisfy their ever-evolving needs. This is probably especially true when it comes to mobile technology. After all, adopting mobile tech makes it possible for you to completely transform a guest’s experience at your hotel. But, when was the last time you thought about how all these mobile changes and updates could impact your staff? It’s high time that you looked beyond the obvious and started thinking about how mobile technology could facilitate positive changes that improve the way your team functions on a day-to-day basis.

Establishing a Solid Foundation

Embracing new technologies and changing things throughout your hotel can actually help you save money in the long run. Before you can take advantage of all that mobile has to offer, though, you need to be willing to switch up the way you have traditionally done things throughout the past. Allowing your staff to bring their own devices or offering mobile phones and tablets for work purposes is a good start, for example, but the devices alone will only get you so far. This is where the willingness to adopt VoIP phone systems comes into play. With features like Find Me/Follow Me, your staff will be able to reach one another faster, regardless of whether they’re at their desk or walking around campus. Taking advantage of cloud-based PMS and POS systems can also expand your employee’s mobile capabilities. Here, staffers can execute customer requests from anywhere within the hotel. Paired with the right technological services, mobile can completely change the way your hotel operates.

Offer Better Services

Your team takes pride in offering excellent service to the guests that visit your hotel. Providing employees with the mobile technology necessary to take their service capabilities to the next level is a huge morale booster. At the same time, mobile tech makes it possible for your staff to work more quickly and efficiently, thus improving their own day-to-day experiences. There’s really no limit to what mobile can do to accompany your service offerings. Whether housekeeping staff can use tablets to keep track of which rooms still need servicing, maintenance staff utilize cloud-based software that sends new work orders directly to their phones, or your front desk and dining staff deploy apps that allow customers to send in mobile requests for services, thus freeing up phone time and simplifying the booking process, your team is going to love all that mobile has to offer.

Real-Time Look at What’s Going On

Mobile technology provides your managerial staff with the ability to assess the overall performance of both the hotel facility and staff in real-time. This means that managers will be able to take note of how their teams are handling daily tasks from anywhere, anytime. From here, suggestions and adjustments can be made in real-time, ensuring that undesirable behaviors don’t have the opportunity to become habits.  Managers can also immediately evaluate the overall level of customer satisfaction based on expectations and experiences within your hotel. Any comments or suggestions for improvement can be acted upon immediately. And because your team leaders are able to see what’s going on throughout the hotel from mobile devices like tablets and cell phones, they can stay connected from wherever they like, meaning that they won’t be required to waste hours cooped up in a back office. Instead, they’ll enjoy more face time with customers and employees alike.

It’s about time that your hotel embraced mobile technology. Make sure that your facility is ready to go by talking to the pros at PhoneSuite today.