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How a Managed Voice Hotel Phone System Can Bolster Your Hotel’s Mission

bolster your hotels mission

As a hotel owner or manager, it’s very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities of your hotel. It seems like there are often not enough hours in the day to handle every responsibility, opportunity, and obstacle that comes your way on a regular basis.

Despite how busy your daily schedule might be, however, it is essential that you always keep in mind that your hotel has a mission that makes it unique to your guests, employees, and the business itself. We’re not going to tell you what your mission should be – that’s entirely up to you – but it should focus on how you want your hotel to appear to others. It should be a positive message for both guests, employees, and anyone who just happens to come across your website or hotel. For lack of better terminology, it should speak to them.

How can a Managed Voice Hotel Phone System help you realize these goals? Let’s take a look at three primary ways that handing over the management of your phone system can bolster your hotel’s mission.

Improved Guest Relations

Although most guests have no idea what goes on behind the scenes in regards to making their stay something special, they’ll immediately know if something goes awry – and they’ll punish you harshly for it. By utilizing a Managed Voice Hotel Phone System, you can improve guest relations by providing them with the tools necessary to conduct business, stay in touch with the hotel staff, and engage with family and friends throughout their stay. And you can rest assured that the management of this system will prevent problems associated with downtime, data security, and other such issues that can often hurt the guest experience. All of this works together to ensure that your hotel’s mission is being carried out in an effective way.

Better Employee Morale

Your employees already have a long list of daily activities to accomplish, and most of these activities revolve around an aspect or two of your hotel’s overall mission. By handing your VoIP hotel phone system over to a team of experts, you can remove all the stresses that come with ensuring proper communications throughout your facility. This will help improve employee morale, as they will be able to remain focused on their daily tasks without becoming overly distracted. Plus, a managed system will run more smoothly for the employees, as well, making some of their tasks easier to accomplish.


More Time to Concentrate on What Matters

As mentioned above, your hotel’s staff has a ton of daily activities to achieve. This includes everyone from the hotel owner and/or manager to the lobby personnel and cleaning staff. Since the communications system is such a vital element in a hotel, maintaining the system is paramount for the success of your hotel.

When the staff is forced to handle this on their own or escalate any concerns up the ladder to management, this can take time out of their daily routine of responsibilities. Even the cleaning staff can see a disruption to their day as attention is being placed elsewhere for a given amount of time. But when someone is managing the system for your hotel, these employees can be freed up to concentrate on what matters – accomplishing your mission at every turn.

Your hotel’s mission should always have a place in your daily plans. A Managed Voice Hotel Phone System can help carry out this mission in a more effective and efficient way. Reach out to the experts at Phonesuite to learn how the installation and management of an effective VoIP system can help you achieve your goals.