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How Phonesuite Services Hotels of Any Size

For more than 30 years, Phonesuite has been completely dedicated to the hotel industry. But “hotel” can mean a lot of different things, from 10-room boutique hotels to 2,000-room luxury resorts and from budget-friendly select-service hotels to the most opulent all-inclusive retreats.

Phonesuite’s systems are infinitely scalable, designed to make any hotel’s phone systems more modern, more advanced, and more efficient, no matter the size of the hotel. Here’s how we can help.

Phonesuite’s Voiceware Solution

Voiceware from Phonesuite is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) based hotel phone system in which all of the system hardware and software is owned, managed, and maintained by Phonesuite.

Hoteliers gain the benefits of a full-featured, scalable phone service without paying a significant upfront capital expenditure for infrastructure upgrades. Instead, hotel owners simply pay an affordable ongoing operating cost like any other software-as-a-service amenity.

Voiceware includes features like call accounting, voicemail, PMS integration, and 24/7 software and hardware support to bring any hotel’s phone system into the 21st century and provide a better experience for your guests.

Compliance with the latest regulations is also a significant concern for hoteliers. In the last two years, Congress has passed two laws concerning the handling of 911 calls — Kari’s Law and RAY BAUMS Act — that substantially alter the way a hotel’s internal phone system works. With Phonesuite’s Voiceware system, compliance is a matter of a simple software update.

How Phonesuite Services Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels face a unique set of challenges select-service and luxury hotel chains don’t share. Since boutique hotels are usually small, serving less than 100 rooms, they tend to have a much smaller staff as well.

They also don’t have the corporate support that other hotel chains do in areas like human resources, accounting, booking, and other administrative tasks. Everything has to be done in-house, and as a result, your staff is often stretched thin.

You’d also like to avoid putting people on hold to answer questions in person at the front desk, but you also don’t want to sacrifice in-person interactions to answer phone calls. With Phonesuite, your staff can easily forward calls to another location, even an off-site third party or a cell phone, freeing them up for in-person conversations with your guests.

You can even automate certain processes — booking, room service, wake-up calls, taxi services, and so on — these repetitive tasks don’t require the full attention of a staff member. With Phonesuite, you can take these jobs off their plates and free them up for human interaction, which is much more important.

How Phonesuite Services Select-Service Hotels

Select-service hotels are the most common type of hotel in the country, and their popularity continues to grow. Between 2015 and 2019, select-service hotels’ share of the total U.S. market saw double-digit growth.

Guests at a select-service hotel expect slightly more amenities than at a limited-service hotel, like meeting spaces and maybe a small attached restaurant. More importantly, they expect a simple, predictable experience at a reasonable price. For that reason, budget is a crucial consideration for owners and operators of select-service hotels. In order to keep your guests’ costs down, you have to keep your own costs low as well.

Phonesuite’s Voiceware and Voiceware software provide major improvements in efficiency that can significantly reduce costs. Automating repetitive processes allows a hotel to be run by a leaner, more effective staff, which saves on overhead.

Additionally, VoIP systems are a significant cost savings over traditional cabled phone systems — since there’s no need for new infrastructure, a VoIP system can save you as much as 50 percent on your monthly phone bill. VoIP systems are also easier to scale and upgrade, saving you money in the long run as well.

How Phonesuite Services Luxury Hotels

If you own or operate a luxury hotel, your top priority is to provide your guests with the best possible experience. When it comes to their phone systems, however, many hotels are stuck in the 1980s with outdated technology and unreliable service.

The rest of the world has modernized, and hotel customers will expect the same level of convenience and modernity from their hotel phones. A VoIP system from Phonesuite can bring your hotel into the 21st century.

You can also set up high-tech meeting spaces with VoIP-enabled conference phones that tie in callers from inside and outside the hotels, stream video conferencing, access screens and projectors, and more.

More importantly, VoIP systems are far easier to upgrade and scale than traditional cabled systems. Whether you want to add a new line, set up forwarding to a cell phone or off-site location, or transfer a number to a new service, doing so on a VoIP system is a simple matter of software — no infrastructure necessary.

Service at Any Size

Whether you have a small, independent hotel or run a chain of high-end resorts, a VoIP system can add efficiency and save you money. Most importantly, it will make your guests’ interactions with your hotel quicker, easier, and more satisfying.