A Case Study 8 Mid and Full Scale Hotel Hosted Solution Replacements

A Case Study: 8 Mid and Full Scale Hotel Hosted Solution Replacements

Hotel Telephone SystemsKinseth Hospitality Companies, a midwestern hotel ownership, and management company, previously selected a hosted PBX solution for eight of their midscale and full-scale properties.  The solution was not adequate for a variety of reasons, most notably inconsistent phone call quality and undependable PMS interfaces.

This case study aims to explore how a hosted PBX solution can be used in mid- and full-scale hotels. A hosted PBX solution, also known as cloud telephony, is an internet-based service that provides hoteliers with the ability to offer customers phone services without having to invest in expensive hardware. This type of system allows for scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

The study examines the benefits and drawbacks of a hosted PBX solution for hoteliers, including cost savings and increased efficiency. It also looks at how these solutions can be tailored to meet specific needs such as providing more reliable customer service, managing multiple sites across different locations, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

The case study looks at 8 mid and full-scale hotels that have implemented hosted PBX solutions to gain a competitive edge in the hospitality market. The study highlights how these hotels are using their systems to improve customer service, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. It also looks at the challenges faced by hoteliers when it comes to implementing such hotel VoIP PBX systems.

So, Kinseth consulted with Voiceware reseller Satellite Surf of Chicago to make the move to full-scale hosted solution replacements.


This case study reveals how a hosted PBX solution can offer hoteliers a cost-effective and reliable way to provide customers with phone services. Scalability, flexibility, and cloud telephony are key benefits that make it an attractive option for mid and full-scale hotels. The 8 hotels studied showed that these solutions could be tailored to fit specific needs, providing greater customer service and improved efficiency. A hosted PBX solution can also help hoteliers remain compliant with industry standards and regulations. Finally, the study highlights the potential challenges that hoteliers may have to face when implementing such systems. In conclusion, a hosted PBX solution is an ideal choice for mid and full-scale hotels looking for cost-effective and reliable phone services. Overall, hosted PBX solutions can provide hoteliers with more cost-efficient, secure, and reliable customer service. A hosted PBX solution is a great option for mid and full-scale hotels looking to take advantage of the latest in cloud technology while saving on overhead costs. With this case study.