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How Your Hotel Can Become a Social Media Powerhouse in 2016

social_media.jpgWe all know that social media is essential for successful modern marketing. Because this medium is constantly changing and evolving, though, hotel marketers have to stay on the ball. If you want your hotel to stay relevant in the world of social media throughout 2016, be sure to read and stick to the following tips:

1. Embrace the New

It’s pretty amazing how quickly a new social media platform or innovation can catch on. Take Periscope, for example. A year ago, practically no one had heard of this streaming app and now it is being used by a broad audience across the globe. Keep up with what’s new and trending in social media, and figure out how to utilize it within the scope of the travel and hospitality industry. In doing so, you’ll stay relevant while drawing in an even larger consumer audience.

2. Stay Current with Existing Platforms

Just when you think you’ve got the hang of social media like Twitter and Instagram — BOOM! — a platform makes changes. Because the major players in social media aren’t resting on their laurels, you can’t afford to, either. Be aware of the updates and improvements that are made to social media platforms and take advantage of their ability to help you better promote your hotel and locale.

3. Target Your Audience

Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others provide hotel marketers with the ability to target their consumer audience with ease. Making good use of these accurate targeting parameters can improve click-through rates, reach travelers who are interested in specific area events and make a bigger, better impression on your current and prospective customers.

4. Go Beyond Traditional Images

Still, photos are so pass√©. Social media users are drawn to videos and cinemagraphs (still photos that feature some movement). In fact, research has shown that Facebook is where an astounding 80 percent of social video interactions occurred last year. Hotels that post videos and cinemagraphs can improve their organic reach and encourage customer engagement. Because videos are top performers, you can’t afford to miss out on this trend. Use these mediums to promote ongoing hotel activities, demonstrate your hotel’s cutting-edge VoIP phone system, or highlight nearby travel destinations.

5. Know Who is Using Which Platforms

Different demographics flock to different social media platforms, so understanding where your audience is congregating is a key part of your marketing success rate. While millennials respond better to campaigns via Instagram and Snapchat, those in the next generation up are still embracing Facebook.

6. Create Experiences for Travelers

Today’s travelers expect hotels to create experiences and keep them engaged, from start to finish. Setting up “selfie spots” and staging scenes that encourage guests to take photos and share them via social media is a great way to promote your business for free while allowing your patrons to feel completely immersed in their travel experience.

7. Maintain Your Focus

Although it’s tempting to dive into every social media platform, make sure you don’t lose your focus and overextend yourself. Be aware of your customer engagement and business goals, and make sure that each medium you employ is aligned with those objectives.

8. Know Your Influencers

Frequent travelers with large followings need to be given special interest and attention. Hotel marketers can take advantage of data and analytics in order to pinpoint their most impactful influencers and create content that will speak to the creative abilities and interests of that influencer and its following.

Stay ahead of the curve with your social media interactions and with your communications network. The experts at PhoneSuite are ready to help you dive into 2016 on the cutting edge of telecommunications technology. Learn more by reaching out today.